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Canning can be a lot of work but I have 5 of the Basic Canning recipes that take a lot of the worry out of processing fresh foods. Both the Corn Relish and the Refrigerator Pickles can be made and just stored in the refrigerator for use right away.

The other recipes use a Water Bath Method, with instruction we use and a link to Ball Jars Instructions. All you need is a large pot with a lid and boil the sealed jars for 30 minutes.  You can have Fresh Garden Produce from your garden or the Local Farmer’s Market that tastes just like it is Fresh Picked.

Do you love to go to the local Farmer’s Market and buy fresh produce to feed your family? You worry about getting organic clean produce with the least amount of pesticides so you buy locally whenever you can.  But the fresh produce season only lasts for a short time and you want that same goodness for your family all year long.

One of the ways to preserve that farm-fresh seasonal goodness is with Home Canning. With the right equipment and proven recipes, you can buy in bulk and save all year long. Here are 5 of our family’s recipes that you can start out with, or add to the collection of recipes you already use.

Start with simple Refrigerator Dill Pickles that last a few weeks in your refrigerator (who am I kidding they will be gone in a few weeks, they are so good).  The Corn Relish you can also use right away but will last when using a simple water bath method. And then you can advance to canning Stewed Tomatoes that can be used for all your Italian dishes all winter long.

Get your free copy of the Basic Canning Fresh from the Garden 5 recipe E-Book. Stock up at the local Farmer’s Market and have fabulous vegetables all winter long.

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