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Gift Ideas For Cricut Crafter


Have a friend or family member that loves to create with their Cricut Machine? Looking for a gift idea for that perfect Birthday or Christmas gift? I have the ultimate list for you, of my favorite items that I love and any Cricut users would love to get as a gift.  Most are budget-friendly and a few are a dream gift. You can not go wrong buying accessories for a crafting friend they will love you for it.

All of these Cricut items will make a great gift if you are buying a special gift for a Cricut crafter.  If you need a gift for Mother’s Day and your mother is a Cricut crafter what a great idea for a Cricut Mother’s Day gift idea to make a gift basket of items she may not have or may need a second one of or a replacement.

When it is time for a teacher gift and you know that the teacher has a Cricut, what a unique gift. Everyone give soap, hand lotion, or a gift card to the coffee shop. Take a look and see if you can find Cricut teacher gift ideas that will help the teacher in your child’s life to make their job easier.  Be the gift that stands out this school year.

We all know that the Christmas and the holiday season is the big gift-giving season. Make Christmas special with Christmas gift ideas with Cricut, a perfect to give that big item like the Cricut Maker, or Easy Press. You are going to find a lot of Cricut Holiday Ideas where you can get all your gift at one place.

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission which helps keep my blog up and running but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Click here to read my full disclosure policy.  

Cricut Maker Mint:

The newest Cricut cutting machine. “It handles fabrics, leather, paper, and balsa wood with effortless precision. Cuts sewing patterns in just a few clicks. And places more creative possibilities than ever at your fingertips. Meet Cricut Maker – the ultimate smart cutting machine.” The Cricut maker cuts over 300 materials and has sewing patterns that will cut precisely and all you do is have the fun of sewing. The Cricut Maker comes in many colors but you know that my favorite color is Mint 😊.

cricut maker mint

Cricut Lightweight Carrying Case Cricut Carring case


Cricut Basic Tool Set

Every craft cannot live without this toolset.  All they need in one place.  Even if they already have one of these items, I know I am always hunting for them.  Having an extra set would be perfect.

Cricut tool Kit Gift Ideas For Cricut Crafter

Cricut Cutting Mats

The cutting mat is one of the items you can never have enough of. While you can use them over and over and can clean them off, at some point they just do not work that well.  Especially if you are in a big project you need more than one.  I have 4 at any time.  You can not go wrong with getting your crafter several of the mats.

Cricut Cutting Mat Gift Ideas For Cricut Crafter

Cricut Cutting Mat 24″ Long (Longer cutting surface)

While the smaller mat is the standard, if your crafter wants to make any longer images or images of vinyl for a wall or board the longer version of the standard mat is a must.

Extra Large Cricut Cutting Mat Gift Ideas For Cricut Crafter

Cricut Scoring Stylus

Like the toolkit, the Stylus is an item I am always hunting down. I need a second for my craft room and your crafting friend will too.  This tool is perfect for making the folding lines on a project.  If the crafter has a new machine for the holidays this will be the item they will want the most.  Before you make that first card you have to run out and find one, have it under the tree.

Cricut Stylist Gift Ideas For Cricut Crafter

Cricut Weeder Tool

After each cut, you may have to remove small “Chads”, loose scraps of paper in your design.  Every crafter needs more than one of the invaluable weeding tools to remove the chads and also to loosen the edge of the design from the mat. I love mine and have 3 so I am never without one.

Cricut Weeding Tool Gift Ideas For Cricut Crafter

Cricut XL Scraper

After every cut, you have to remove the leftover paper form your sticky mat. Some of the intricate projects have a lot of “Chads”, loose scraps of paper. I love this extra large scraper to make clean up fast and easy.

Cricut Scraper extra large Gift Ideas For Cricut Crafter

Cricut Replacement Cutting Blades

As your crafting friend creates hundreds of projects she will need to replace the cutting blade to get sharp edges. Perfect stocking stuffer every Cricut crafter will love.

Cricut Standard Blade Gift Ideas For Cricut Crafter

Cricut Portable Trimmer: Paper Cutter

A lot of Cricut projects need paper cut to a smaller size and this trimmer is perfect.  I have this paper cutting and use it all the time.  It is also perfect for trimming school pictures.

Cricut paper cutter Gift Ideas For Cricut Crafter

Cricut Explore Black Variety Pen Set

The Cricut machines have hundreds of writing fonts and pens are a must.  Here is a pack of basic black for all the inside writing of any card.

Cricut Pens Black Gift Ideas For Cricut CrafterCricut Explore Pen Set Gold

Every Christmas or New Years Card need gold. Perfect pen set for your Cricut Card Making friend.

Cricut Gold Pens Gift Ideas For Cricut Crafter

Cricut Metallic Color Pen Set

Want that metallic look and not sure what color this is a perfect assortment.

Cricut Pens Gift Ideas For Cricut Crafter

Cricut Easy Press 2

The perfect new tool for making Iron-on vinyl project.  Instead of struggling with  an old iron, this perfect gift makes transferring images cut on iron-on quick and easy for t-shirts, pillow, or any decorative home item.  I have not used this yet but have watched many demonstrations and this item is on my wishlist.


Mini Easy Press


Cricut Vinyl Glitter Sampler (removable vinyl for home decor or windows)

Strong and sturdy, beautiful colors this sample is a great way to start. Also, look for basic black or white when you click through.

Cricut Vinyl Gift Ideas For Cricut Crafter

Cricut Vinyl Transfer Tape (Helps you remove the image from Mat to transfer to your craft item)

The nameTape is misleading it is a roll of clear vinyl with a grid for easy placement.

Cricut Iron-On Starter Kit, 4 Pack

For the beginner or even an experienced Cricut crafter, the Iron-on starter kit has everything you need for your Crafter Friend. Create home decor projects or custom T-shirts.

White Card Stock

A lot of images for Cricut are “print & cut” from your home printer.  You print the image on heavy card stock and then load the printed page on the Cricut mat and the machine does all the magic.  I have this large package of cardstock and love having lots of white cardstock to make card images for all my projects.

White Card Stock Cricut Iron On Cricut transfer tape Gift Ideas For Cricut Crafter

Printable Sticker Paper

Another great gift that your crafter friend will love is a large package of printable sticker paper.  Perfect for making lots of cut and print stickers for the kiddos or your craft projects.

Printable Sticker Paper Cricut Iron On Cricut transfer tape Gift Ideas For Cricut Crafter


Xyron Mega Adhesive Mega Runner 100 Feet

My newest addition to my craft room that I love.  Never run out of tape or hunt for the little dispenser that you have to roll to get an image on a craft project.  100 feet of 1/2 dots pattern adhesive.  Perfect gift idea.

Large Tape Runner Cricut Iron On Cricut transfer tape Gift Ideas For Cricut Crafter

I am happy to have in one place all the items I need to purchase for my Cricut Crafting Friends.  I hope this helps make your shopping quick and easy.








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  1. Great suggestions!!! I love my Cricut machine and all of these things would come in handy!

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