How to Start a Blog

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How to Start a Blog

My Dream 15 Years Ago

I had a dream of starting a blog over 15 years ago. I just did not know how.  I understood what needed to be done, I had dabbled in WordPress but I had no idea how to take the steps to even get started. Do not be like me and let the “I do not know how…” stop you from your dream.

If you are thinking I do not know how; you can do this as things have changed a lot in 15 years for women who want to blog or start a website. There are hundreds, thousands of women bloggers now and tons of women bloggers who want to help you succeed. There are companies and services that are open too and love to help women like you and me. Women like me who have grown up with a slide ruler to learn math, not a calculator (look up slide ruler for a good laugh).

Bluehost is one of the companies that are open and encouraging to new bloggers at a low price with tons of support. My dream became a reality thanks to Bluehost web hosting and their friendly support and easy to follow instructions. I can not say enough about how they have helped me.

When I had the most basic questions, and afraid to look like a total idiot, they walked me through my problems like I was their best customer.

Bluehost started in 2003 and is one of the largest hosting providers in the world, but you would not know it as they treat you with kindness and respect. I have had employees help me with my hosting questions and then send me articles on another issue about my site that I was struggling with.

I also was so surprised when I was on their home page thinking if I should start a blog, that they offer you a money-back guarantee.  If you start and in two months find you need to back out for whatever reason, they will provide a  prorated refund. That clinched it for me, if I was making the biggest mistake of my life I could stop and pay no further. You can not lose.

It was Not a Mistake, and I Have Never Looked Back.

Start Here: Setting up Hosting and Your Domain Name with Bluehost

Click Here to be redirected to Bluehost “Get Started Now” page.  

  1. It will look like this and it is so easy, and when you get to this page click the green button. You can click the green button on the picture below and it will take you directly to Bluehost. Do not be afraid: Bluehost makes it so easy and will help you every step of the way.  So I know you want to, click the Green to “Get Started Now”.


  2. You did it!!! Next, you need to decide on what plan you want with Bluehost: Do not make the mistake I made and only sign up for 12 months.  Blogging is a slow train to success, I wish I had taken the 36 months. You want to lock in place that price and remember they have a prorated money back guarantee.  

  3. Next, you pick your domain name.  Do some research and make sure you love the name and it speaks to what you are blogging about. 


  4. Now that you have your plan and your super fantastic blog name,  enter your account information into the next screen:


  5. At this point in the signup, you are going to enter your Payment Information. 

  6. Now it is time to make the perfect Password. I know Passwords can get to be a lot, I make sure I use a password app or an old-fashioned card file. 
  7. Create your password and click next. 
  8. Now it is time to log in.
  9. After you log in it is time to Pick a Theme that inspires you. Go ahead and pick the one that is you. 
  10. All done!!  Start Building your dream site.
  11. Pick if your site is personal or a business.
  12. Bluehost Tools. 
  13. Let’s launch your new website!!!
  14. Welcome Page. You have done it. I am so happy for you. Now the fun of making your blog your own. 



Your Next Steps:

Now that you are the owner of your own domain name and your first blog I am going to pass you off to the wonderful woman blogger who helped me make my dream come true, Abby Lawson.

Abby has been such a  blessing in starting my blog with her E-Book Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook.  I would not have been about to get off the ground and publish my first post without her easy to follow instructions.

How to Start a Blog

Bluehost also has basic instructions and with their guidebook now you are on your way.

My Resource Page for Other Easy to Use Services.