Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas For Baby & Toddlers

For your smallest toddler the fun and excitement of Easter will come from Mom & Dad and the excitement you show for Easter morning, dressing for church and finding an Easter basket at breakfast. Having non-candy gifts will be as totally exciting and they will not know what they missed.

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Even a baby can have the surprise of an Easter basket with all the items that babies love. If you have older children or maybe Dad who gets a chocolate Easter Basket, keep the basket separate so each child (or husband) concentrates on their own items.  Who could pass up this super cute carrot teathing toy in the Church nursery or at Grandma’s house? While your little one is teaching, Pat the Bunny is a calming soothing story to read to a fussy baby.

If you are a big Disney fan then your little one will love the Nemo bath toys and the Pixar movie small book set. Kids love to be read to and love to hold books in their hands. Little books are the perfect start to

Two more great small books that will delight your kids in an Easter Basket are the ones with the handles that can be carried around. And the classic of Peter Rabbit is one book that needs to be a family treasure.

A lovely bunny and chick are classic non-candy presents that fit perfectly in an Easter Basket. Every child can never have enough (I could never have enough when I was a child) they are soft and a friend and comforting. Every child has several favorites that they remember for a lifetime who and when they received the stuffed toy from. Make these memories this Easter with these cuties.

Babies & Toddlers love things that roll. Eggs and Balls are always a fun toy and bring lots of smiles. Eggs are also traditional for Easter. Our kids loved the eggs that are in this little mating set. I still have mine stored away for future generations to come.

Have all the fun and excitement Easter morning with cute non-candy presents in every basket for the littlest kids in your family. A few quick items and the little ones will not even miss all the high sugar candy for at least a few more years.

~ Susan

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Non-candy easter basket ideas for Baby & Toddler

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