The Best Craft Magnifier Lamp From Brightech

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If you love to craft and have a hard time seeing the little objects that are part of fine detailed crafting you are going to love the Light View LX Magnifying Lamp I have been using.  Sturdy, bright light a powerful magnifying lens had made my crafting less frustrating.

I love to craft, all kinds of crafts. But a lot of the crafting that I do requires me to see well. Finding small stitches in my crocheting or removing little pieces from a vinyl project cut file can be so frustrating. Especially here in Ohio where the weather can be gray half of the year, I have a hard time seeing the small objects I am working with. I then get frustrated and want to not even start.

One of my favorite projects is to work with my Cricut Cutting Machine and decorate project with adhesive vinyl. However, once the image is cut on the Cricut you have to weed out all of the vinyl that is not the design. I use to dread this process as it was painstaking, I could never find my readers and the light in my craft room is a bedroom ceiling light.

LightView – Led Magnifying Lamp: 2in1 Floor Standing to Table Light

Once I found the XL 2 in 1 Magnifying Lamp all that changed.  I now had a bright light to work with and the magnifying lens is a life saver. The lamp is strong with a heavy base and an adjustable arm, with two sets of brightness.

The bright light makes it easy to see even when I am working late at night or in the cold Ohio Gray.  The magnifying lens that opens from the top makes the weeding process so much easier.

You can see how large of a viewing area I have and how much light it projects on my project. I have also use the light with some of my crocheting when it is evening and I am having a hard time seeing where the stitches are.

This lamp includes a 9 Watt power-saving integrated LED light fixture so that you will never have to replace the lights and is projected to last 20 years. The base is heavy but that heavy base makes the arm adjustable without having the lamp tip over. The lamp is a 2 in 1 as it comes with an extension rod so you can make it into a floor lamp that can sit next to a chair or a table.

I use photo lights when I take pictures of my recipes for the blog. I have my Brightech lamp right at my photography table and use it to help light my recipes for my blog pictures.  The lamp help give more light in the evening without casting a yellow tone on my work.

If you have any questions about the Magnifier lamp that I am using please leave a comment below.

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  1. This is good to know!! You should have seen me trying to thread a needle and mend an item!! So handy for so many things and now I know which one to buy! Thanks! And Happy Fiesta Friday!


  2. truth be told I don’t do much of my own crafting, right now I focus more on crafting with my kids but this would make a great lamp for fine detail work. Thanks for linking up with us at #OMHGWW and hope to see you next week!

  3. I could use something like this. It’s so hard to edit my photos at night! Thanks!

    1. This lamp or any good light is needed, it is either winter or in summer we have so many trees I need extra light.

  4. Dorene B. says:

    Such a timely post for me as I was just telling my husband that I need to look into getting a magnifying lamp to help reduce my eye strain. I like how this one can be used as a table or floor lamp depending on where I am working.
    Thanks for the information as well as for hosting the contest for an opportunity to win one!

    1. If you go to the companies site, they have a lot of different styles of magnifying lamps if this one is too big, I did see one that clamps onto a table. Thank you so much for visiting my site.

  5. Uh, I definitely need to get me one of these! Not having to wear glasses for the first 42 years of my life spoiled me. It’s taken me a long time to give way to glasses, and I think this lamp would be perfect! Thanks for sharing at Homestyle Gathering, Sue!

  6. Great suggestion! This lamp looks really handy for craft projects and a workspace.

    Can’t wait to see who wins the giveaway!
    >> Christene
    Keys to Inspiration

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