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Are You Starting to Feel a Little Overwhelmed? I Know I Am!

Do you want to create the Christmas excitement of your childhood for your family? But do not know where to find the time or where to start. Just think of having all the dinners and parties all planned, all the details set out on paper the shopping done & the menus planned!

The Ultimate Christmas Planner is a collection of worksheets and schedules to help you plan and prepare the Christmas parties & fun.

Shopping Lists, Cooking Time Schedules, Gift List, Christmas Card List, Cooking Baking Schedules,  Recipe Cards, Place Cards & Much More!

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three pages of the planner menu, cover page and gift list
3 pages of the panner gift list baking schedule and recipe card
three pages of the planner a december calendar, guest list and shopping list

Creating a Christmas to Remember!

Every December, even after all these years, I want to create for my family the joy and excitement I experienced as a child at Christmas.

Our lives are so much different now, better in so many ways. but busier and so fast-paced.

With all that is going on in our lives, how do we design the cozy warmth and stillness of joy in simple things? When our families are so rushed, & distracted how do we have meaningful moments that will last a lifetime?

It takes a lot of work & time, the time we are all so short of.

How to do all that we want without running ourselves ragged and losing that joy?

The Answer is Organizing, Prioritizing, and Planning!

Preparing in advance for the times we are together. Finding shortcuts so we have the feeling of homemade in a semi-homemade quicker method.

Yes, you can hack your way to an old-fashioned family Christmas, with a lot of pre-planning, pre-shopping, and using technology, not as a distraction but as an assistant.

Let’s work together to make a less Stressful Christmas with Beautiful Worksheets that help you organize, prepare ahead, and have everything ready.

Having a written plan ensures that you will enjoy each moment of Christmas as well as design those special memories that your family will remember forever!

Get The Ultimate Christmas Planner ​ & get all the worksheets you need to plan the Christmas of your dreams, (and more)!

The Ultimate Christmas Planner Includes 20 Worksheet Templates!

  • Menu pages
  • Guest List pages
  • Shopping lists
  • Gift Wish Lists
  • Gift Tracking page
  • Christmas Card Tracking page
  • Cookie Baking Schedule with a Tools Checklist
  • 2 full Day Schedules in half-hour increments
  • November & December Blank Calendar
  • Daily Time Management Time Blocking Worksheet
  • Weekly Time Management Time Blocking Worksheet.


3 Different Styles of Recipe Cards to download & send to your guest. Sharing our family recipes is so important to help the younger generation pass on Family Traditions!

a woman's hand holding a ipad showing the recipe cards

2 sheets of Gift Tags for all your wrapping needs!

a womans hand holding a white ipad with gift tags

Get Organized and Save Time Now!

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