Time Saving Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide

Every mom needs to be able to make dinner in the least amount of time. Whether she has Dad or older kids helping, any gadget that makes the job quick & easy will make her smile. If you know of a friend or family member who is in charge of dinner, she will love you for getting her any of these gifts for the Holiday.

I love to cook for family & friends and I love to have Christmas parties at my house.  But I do not want to spend the whole time in the kitchen.  Grab one or all of these items and you can not go wrong this Gift Giving Season. They are must-haves for the Cook in your life.

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First on of the products that helps me keep my Cast iron pan in great shape:

Crisbee Cream Iron® Cast Iron  Products

Crisbee Cream Iron® Cast Iron and Carbon Steel Seasoning in cast iron skillet

Crisbee Cream Iron® Cast Iron and Carbon Steel Seasoning – Blackstone Griddle Seasoning – Family Made in USA. I am so excited about this product line as I have this old family cast iron skillet that needs a lot of work. Thank you Crisbee for helping save a family heirloom.

Smooth Edge Electric Can Opener: 

Time Saving Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide can opener

I use the smooth-edge electric can opener all the time. It is quick and easy and does make the edges smooth and not sharp.  Just set it on the can and let it go while you keep cooking.

Electric Jar Opener, perfect if you have difficulty opening difficult jars: 

Time Saving Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide, Jar opener

Another gadget that I use every day. The perfect gift for any friend or family member who has problems opening jars of any size.  One touch and it opens any jar without you having to hit the jar to get it open.

5 Blade Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

Time Saving Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide Food Slicer

Whenever I am making scalloped potatoes or any dish that I want uniform slices and the food is delicate a hand slicer is a must-have. 5 different blades and adjustable thickness.  Most important you need to use the protective hand food holder to protect your hand and it is dishwasher safe. A great kitchen gadget, just be very careful very sharp.

Vidalia Chop Wizard

Time Saving Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide Veggie chopper

This is a must-have gadget for any cook.  It is easy and simple to use. No moving parts but does what it is designed to do.  You cut vegetables into medium or small squares perfect for sauteing, salads, or soups. Very budget-friendly. Simple open and close movement.  I use this with almost every dinner recipe, omelet, or salad.

Stainless Steel Chopper

Time Saving Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide Nut chopper

This is the perfect gift for the cook who uses a lot of chopped nuts or chopped parsley.  It is so easy to use, and again not electrical parts.  Press down on the top and your nuts are perfect for nut bread or any nut dish.  I love this for chopping parsley or other herbs.

Stir Chef Sause Pan Stirrer- Hands-Free

Time Saving Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide Sauce stirrer

I never knew I needed this gadget so much until my husband gave it to me as a Christmas gift.  We make a white sauce for many of our family recipes and I get so panicked when I have to stand to stir a sauce and I am thinking of all the other prep I need to do. The Hands-free pan stirrer is a godsend for the cook in your life who is getting ready for dinner or a Holiday party.  The experienced cook in your life will love you for this unique gift.

Time Saving Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide Hand Mixer

2-Speed Hand Mixer with 3 Positions

I love this one simple beater (3 different beaters to choose from ) and three adjustable positions. It is perfect when I need to mix something fast and do not want to bring out the big mixer.  I use this for eggs and a quick whipped cream all the time. Perfect for a teen cook also.

Good Grips 3 in 1 Egg Separator

Time Saving Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide Egg separator

This little gadget is very handy and sits on the side of any bowl to make egg separation quick and not so messy.

Jonny Apple Peeler

Time Saving Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide apple Peeler

Makes peeling apples and even potatoes quick and easy. It is so much fun for the kids too.  Peels and slices and makes fun rings.

2-Speed Hand Immersion Blender

Time Saving Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide Immersion Blender Pink

Perfect if your cook likes to make sauces and soups.  You can not go wrong with KitchenAid and a beautiful pink color.

Corn Zipper

Time Saving Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide corn Zipper

Has to be one of the most useful tools.  I have tried every way to get corn off the cob and this zipper is the only one that is easy on the budget and your hands. Perfect for every late summer and fall when eating corn off the cob or making corn relish.

Butter Spreader with Built-in Cover

Time Saving Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide Butter spreader

Along with the corn zipper, you will need a clean hands butter spreader. We have used this one for years and it is a kid’s favorite.

Cast Aluminum Jumbo Potato Ricer

Time Saving Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide Potato Ricer

At Thanksgiving & Christmas, I will not make mashed potatoes without my Potato Ricer.  I cook them in the electric pressure cooker and then when done, put through this ricer, mix in milk & butter and in minutes you have the best smoothest mashed potatoes. Your cook will love you for this great gadget.

Adjustable Cheese Slicer

Time Saving Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide Cheese Slicer

A very traditional tool from the 1950s.  Making slicing any hard cheese simple and even slices.  Both our mothers used this gadget and we use it all the time. The two we have in our kitchen have been in use for 70 years.

I know you will find the perfect gift idea for the chef in your life whether an experienced mom who needs updating her kitchen or the new young family just starting out. Please let me know if any of these items you love and happy shopping.



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  1. That automatic pot stirrer would be heaven. I certainly wouldn’t need it for every day, but when making something like slowly sauteed onions this would be heaven.

  2. Yep, I definitely love the apple peeler – and I usually hate gimmicky items like that. Thanks so much for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!

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