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Valentines Crafts for Kids || How to Make Homemade Chocolate Heart Candies

 Homemade Chocolate Heart Candies boxes for Valentines

Homemade Chocolate Candy Hearts and Chocolate Hearts you can fill with Pudding.

One of our family’s Valentine’s Day crafts for our kids has always been making homemade molded chocolate hearts.   This year in addition to the traditional solid chocolate heart, we are using a plastic mold that makes heart boxes. Melt dark chocolate and white chocolate to make a variety of Hearts. Which one is your favorite?

 Homemade Chocolate Heart Candies boxes for Valentines

Homemade crafts of all kinds are one of the teaching tools we have always use with our children. We have many favorite craft materials, paper, clay, and of course candy making with candy molds. 

Making our homemade chocolates on Valentine’s Day fills your home with fun and laughter and keeps the kids coming into the kitchen looking for the beautiful hearts. I was hoping to have them on February 14th but I will have to make a new batch as the first is almost gone.

 Homemade Chocolate Heart Candies boxes for Valentines

Supplies need for Molded Chocolate Hearts:

  1. Dark or Milk Chocolate melting discs, here are the ones I used.
  2. White Chocolate chips
  3. 2 or 3 Pyrex Glass Measuring Cups
  4. Plastic Candy Molds
  5. Heart Dessert Shell Mold: this is the one I used.
  6. Pastry Piping Bags for Decorations, Disposable
  7. Easy Pour Funnel
 Homemade Chocolate Heart Candies boxes for Valentines

I just melt my chocolate in the Pyrex Glass Measuring cups in the microwave.  Make sure you do this slowly.  One minute at a time and then stir between each minute.  When the chocolate is almost melted stir to melt it completely.

 Homemade Chocolate Heart Candies boxes for Valentines

Warning:  Do not get any water in your chocolate.  Water will make the chocolate seize up and separate into clumps.  Wash your molds with warm soaping water but dry with clean towels and double dry with paper towels.  Any small amount of water in the cup, spoon, or molds will ruin your chocolate.

 Homemade Chocolate Heart Candies boxes for Valentines

Slowly spoon the chocolate into the molds or use the handy Easy Pour Funnel I found on Amazon or a small spoon.  Be careful to not overfill, but you can always take a sharp knife and scrape off any excess when the candy has hardened.  Put the filled mold in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes so the chocolate becomes hard.

 Homemade Chocolate Heart Candies boxes for Valentines

Remove the candy molds from the refrigerator and gently turn upside down and very slowly and with short motions twist the mold until the hearts fall out.

With the Heart Box or what is called a Heart Dessert Shell Mold, I sprayed that mold lightly with spray oil so they released much easier.

You can take some white chocolate and use food coloring if you want to pipe designs on your hearts.  I used little Heart Sprinkles to decorate the hearts.

 Homemade Chocolate Heart Candies boxes for Valentines

The last step is to hide any chocolate you want to have for Valentine’s day as my little ones could not wait before tasting their masterpieces.  I am just going to sneak another batch when they are in school to have for the special day. 

It is so much fun and fills the home with love and laughter to make homemade candies.  Lots of smiles and hugs and encouragement that any shape they come out is just perfect.

 Homemade Chocolate Heart Candies boxes for Valentines

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  1. I hope that heart mold is an affiliate link because you could be making BANK off of this post! I’m going to go buy a mold right now!These are so super cute.

  2. So perfect for Valentines! They look irresistible!
    Thank you for sharing with us at Fiesta Friday!

  3. So glad you share your creativity with us at Merry Monday. Can’t wait to see what’s new from you next week!

  4. Hi Susan, these are so darling! I love that you put the post up a bit early so everyone can order their molds! Thanks for sharing this at Fiesta Friday!


  5. Such a darling project to make with kids! Pinned and sharing. Thank you for joining us at Family Joy Blog Link-Up Party. I hope you will join our next party starting Sunday at noon EST.

  6. These look so good! And I love the sprinkles you topped them with – it makes the chocolates that much prettier! Thanks for linking up with our Merry Monday party this week.

  7. Those are so cute! I love the idea of homemade chocolate heart candies. And the boxes are adorable, too. Definitely agree on being careful with chocolate around water. I’ve ruined too many batches of chocolate that way!

    1. They were too good to eat also, they only lasted a few days, I keep reminding my son, to let me photograph before he jumped in. Thank you for you comment~

  8. Charlotte Burkholder says:

    Great family tradition to include your children in! Thanks for sharing at Family Joy Blog linkup!

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