Italian Canned Pickled Hot Peppers offer a savory taste of Italy – they're spicy, tangy, and garden-fresh, with a long pantry life. Perfect for cooking & a delightful winter treat.

– pint Jars – Vinegar – Salt – 1 Peck of Mild Sweet Peppers – 1/2 Peck Hot Peppers – Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Canola Oil – Good Seasons Salad Dressing dry mix – Large head of Garlic

After the sliced peppers soak in vinegar and salt then rinse - pack them into sterilized jars.

Add garlic and spices.

Cover with olive oil/canola oil mix.

Remove any air bubbles

Step-by-step instructions in the recipe.  ims, water bath for 30 minutes to get a good vacuum seal. Step by step instructions in the recipe.

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