This Reuben slider recipe has a big savory flavor for an easy appetizer. Surprise your family with a delicious mini delicious Reuben appetizer on St. Patrick's Day!

INGREDIENTS:  – Package of King’s Sweet Hawaiian rolls – Thin Sliced Corned Beef Cold Cuts – Swiss Cheese Slices – Tangy Sauerkraut – Thousand Island Dressing – Butter – Onion Powder – Garlic Powder – Caraway Seeds

Cut Sweet Hawaiian Sweet Rolls in half and line your pan.

Layer Deli Corned Beef 1 to 2 slices.

Layer Swiss Cheese

Drain Sauerkraut layer 1 tablespoon

Layer 1 tablespoon Thousand Island Dessing

Add the top layer of Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

Melt butter and add garlic powder & onion powder. Brush on top and sprinkle sea salt and carraway seeds.

Bake for 30 minutes  until golden brown.

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