Making apple butter using the Instant Pot is super easy. 4 Basic ingredients plus your spices and in less than an hour you have the most delicious smooth and spicy apple butter.

Apple butter is a thicker, spreadable, spicer apple sauce. It is cooked down to a thick sauce that you can spread on bread, or eat like apple sauce. It is darker with color fall spices.

Fresh farm market apples quickly peel with a Kitchenaid spiralizer attachment. (yes the kids can eat the peel)

Add to the apples, the apple cider, maple syrup, brown sugar, clove, nutmeg, and allspice cinnamon. Cook low pressure for 25 minutes.

Delicious smooth, rich in spices perfect for breakfast toast or as a condiment.

Don't miss out on the sweet taste of fall – whip up your own Instant Pot apple butter and savor the season's best, starting now!