The Unstuffed Ground Beef Cabbage Roll Casserole is an excellent option for a keto diet. Your whole family will love this easy recipe and you will love the simple ingredients for a busy weeknight dinner!

By deconstructing the classic, we preserve all the rich flavors of ground meat and cabbage, yet significantly reduce prep and cook time—ideal for busy weeknights.

This ground beef casserole is a delicious blend of comforting flavors like a traditional cabbage roll with the convenience of a one-pan casserole recipe!

INGREDIENTS: – Onions diced – Olive Oil – Garlic  – Green Bell Pepper  – 1 pound of Lean Ground  – Onion Powder – Oregano –  Sweet Paprika – Diced Tomatoes  – Salt and Pepper  – 1/2 a large head of cabbage – 1 to 2 cups of Shredded    Cheddar Cheese

Unstuffed Ground Beef  Cabbage Roll Casserole - click below full recipe

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