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I am so glad you found my blog. I am the author, recipe creator, and crafter of Crafting a Family. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and believer. I help you create simple to prepare healthy meals for your family in a loving, learning creative environment.

As parents, we are fighting fast food, processed convenience foods, advertising, and all the modern conveniences that pull our kids away from healthy living. My goal is to help you make a fun, peaceful, and organized home for you and your family. I know this can not be totally achievable but if we set the goal we are halfway there.

At Crafting a Family we welcome you to partner with us as we strive to make fresh convenient food at home, using modern appliances to speed up the process so that more of your time can be spent interacting with your family not standing over the stove, or driving to unhealthy fast food.

The most stressful part of the day for mom and dad is at 5 pm when all the kids are hungry and you are exhausted. The last thing you want to do is stand in the kitchen for an hour and make dinner. And the temptation to pick up or have delivered food that you know your family should not be eating (once and awhile is ok but we do not want to make it our normal eating)

This has been me for the past 30+ years as a mom of three. I have a lot of time-tested suggestions for you to try out and see if they work for your family. I create and refine healthy traditional recipes, as quick and easy, and hands-free as possible. I want to help you make the home of your dreams so you can spend more time of your day with your family.

How Cooking and Crafting Grow a Family

I love to create with cooking or crafting or just sitting on the couch huggingย and talking about our dreams. ย I also, like you, want to have time with my children when we are not watching screens. ย I want to help you explore the many benefits that simple crafts can teach. ย Crafts expand the mind and develop physical skills.ย  Crafting brings moms and little ones close together physically and emotionally. ย Just remember it’s not the end product that matters but the journey together.

Cooking is also crafting. It is never too early to start your little one helping in the kitchen. Even if helping is just watching and tasting. As your kids grow and learn you will be surprised how fast one day they will want to cook for you.

I live in Ohio with my husband, we have three grown children, two daughters, and our youngest son. I love to garden, cook, sit on the beach, and most of all visit Disney World.

Our oldest daughter had the newest addition, our second granddaughter to our family. The two girls are keeping us very busy and we love spending time just watching her grow.

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