Declutter 1 Small Step a Week – Free Worksheets

Declutter 1 Small Step a Week Free Printable

We are decluttering this year, and setting a mindset that we will clean out one small area of the house each week.  We are determined to keep up the progress of eliminating things that we no longer use and are not useful in our life.

Join our family in the Decluttering 101 One Small Area A Week.  You will be surprised at how much of your house you can organize and clean out with only 10 to 15 minutes a week working on one small area.

Get your copy of the beautiful worksheets and one-page instructions.  5 Worksheets with 10 weeks on each page for 50 areas clutter-free areas this year. Do not worry when you start just start and see how working with a small area mindset can improve your home.

Join us by signing up here and you will receive your link to the workbook in the final email along with the password to the printable library.

It is so stressfull to think of deccluttering an entire room or an entire house. But if you think of cleaning up just one small area a week it is more managable.

You can start as small as one drawer or one shelf and you will have an overwhelming sence of accomplishment. Just one small area will boost your conficece and keep the momentemn.

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