Simple Instant Pot Family Dinner Recipes!

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Are You Tired of Struggling with Making Dinner for the Family?

Are You Tired at the End of a Busy Day and Just Want to Relax & and Enjoy Your Family?

If So I Can Help!


Do you come to your kitchen after a long day not having the energy to make a healthy family dinner?

Have you ever felt like you just can not get organized in your kitchen with healthy foods that cook fast?

You’ve heard over and over again the importance of eating fresh whole foods, but you are just not organized enough or have enough time. I mean, who has time or energy each week to stand over the stove and cook dinner for an hour? Life is too busy for that, right?

Yes, life is busy. But you can cook healthy family-tested meals for your family that they will ask for over and over again, without taking over an hour of your precious evening hours every night.

The Instant Pot Family dinner Recipe book has simple basic food recipes that will help you:

  • Eliminate overwhelm from trying to find something to eat in your kitchen that is not processed food by learning how to use your Instant Pot with a basic recipe for everyday food.
  • Quickly and easily family-friendly dinners recipes for Chicken, Beef & Vegetarian dishes.
  • Stop wasting money by reducing last-minute take-out nights because it is just too easy to run through the drive through.
  • Create a habit of making home-cooked meals that you’ll actually make over & over again — because it’s so easy! And because your family loves the food you make!

I’ll walk you through the entire process from start to finish! Each recipe has simple ingredients you may already have at home.

Instant Pot Family Dinner Recipe Cookbook! It is like having your own fairy Godmother!

I’m Susan, and I could never figure out how to make a healthy fresh food dinner for my family without exhausting myself. 

I had tons of cookbooks, hand written recipe cards from family & friends.  But it was all so much work.  I was working part-time at first then full time and I was spent by the end of the day.

My weeks used to be so chaotic!

I would go to the grocery store once a week to save time, and buy what I thought would make a healthy meal from my family. At the end of a busy day I would look in the kitchen and it all would take so long.  So instead (I hate to admit it) but we would pick up fast food on the way home, or order take out.

And by my 3rd child, we were stopping by McDonalds on the way home form daycare more days than not just so I had a few minutes to myself when I got home.

What was I feeding my family? We wasted so much money, and our health suffered!

  • 4 Food Groups: The Basics, Chicken, Beef, Veggie.
  • 3 Worksheet bonus: Weekly Menue Planner, Shopping List, Notes Worksheet.
  • 30 Instant Pot Recipes in all!
  • Full Color Picture for all the recipes!



  • Bonus #1 Free Weekly Meal Planning Worksheet in Navy Blue


  • Bonus #2 Free Shopping List Worksheet


  • Bonus #3 Free To Do List Worksheet


Who is The Simple Instant Pot Family Dinner Recipe E-Book for?

The Simple Instant Pot Family Dinner Recipe E-Book is for you if you haven’t been able to feel like you have been able to enjoy your evenings in the past. Maybe you’ve tried everything out there and it just doesn’t make a tasty, healthy family meal in a short period of time. Or it just doesn’t really work with the way that the advertisements say all the ready-to-cook meal delivery services say.

You’ve heard over and over again the importance of healthy meals for your family and kids but you just do not have the time or energy at the end of the day to start cooking an elaborate meal.

If you’ve always dreamed of a hot healthy dinner at the end of the day where you can also spend time for yourself or your family The Simple Instant Pot Family Dinner REicpe E-books is all about helping you make meals that are healthy fast and delicious and eliminating overwhelm from the meal planning process.

Now, The Simple Instant Pot Family Dinner Recipe E-Book is not for you if you like to spend your evening in the kitchen cooking for hours. If you like your evening to be filled with experimenting for hours on the different complex recipes this E-Book is not for you. This guide is all about simplifying the meal process for weeks to come.

Will I receive a physical product?

No, this is a digital product. I will send the files to you in an email and you can download them to your computer. The bonuses will also be delivered electronically with the Recipe E-Book. You can print out the Recipe and the Worksheets at home on your printer. The best part is, there’s no limit as to how many times you can print the Recipe E-Book and the worksheets.

What if I have another question?

If you have any other questions that I haven’t already addressed here, feel free to email me at I’ll do my best to reply back as soon as possible.

What if this doesn’t help me?

I’m confident that you will love the Instant Pot Family dinner Recipe E-Book. I know you will love the time these recipes save you. As this is a printable digital product there are not any refunds.

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