FREE! Sunny Pastel Weekly Planner Productivity Worksheets

FREE! Planner Productivity Worksheets

If you need beautiful sunny pastel worksheets to organize your week and days, I have a three-page set just for you.  Fun bright sunny colors with easy to fill in sheets. The worksheets will help you brainstorm what you need to do and give you options to keep the week organized.  

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Use the Notes Page to start the week, brain dumping all the ideas and events that you need to accomplish and all the projects you want to get done. Use this page as a free flow of ideas to organize your thoughts.

After you have the Notes completed, take a long look with a cup of coffee and some quiet if you can find it. Think through your week and see if you have the time or the energy to complete your idea and pick out the ones that have the best chance of getting done.  Start moving your notes to the Week Schedule, the “must to-dos” and “want to get done” items to the second sheet that has all the days of the week. 

On the weekly schedule jot down in one word or two on each day what is scheduled and can not be changed. Doctor appointments, school activities and, work meetings.  If you work a traditional 8:00 to 5:00 job, use these sheets to keep track of family and side hustle tasks and meetings. Then take a look at the notes page, schedule the items you want to get done this week. 

Make sure to be relaxed with yourself. These worksheets are only to help you feel organized and not forget your goals, not to make you feel bad if you do not stick to them like glue. 

After you have a week planned out, fill in each day on the Daily To Do List, what you are planning to do each hour. Review your weekly sheet, fill in the can not move items, and then play around with the day, step by step and day by day each week, finding time to get what you what to do get done. 

I hope you find these worksheets helpful. leave a comment or send me a note if you have any suggestions for helpful worksheets.