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Declutter & Organize One Small Step a Week

Declutter & Organize One Small Step a Week

Declutter & Organize One Small Step a Week

Declutter Free Worksheets

One Small Area a Week

Let’s make Organizing & Decluttering fast & easy with tips that are simple to implement but have a big impact. Working 1 small step at a time may sound too simple, but what holds us back from cleaning up and getting out home in order most of the time is overwhelming. The way to reduce overwhelm from stopping you from starting to just take is one small area at a time. Start with the mindset of only taking on 1 area a week and soon you will be thinking of ways to take on 1 area twice a week.

We are decluttering this year, and setting a mindset that we will clean out one small area of the house each week.  We are determined to keep up the progress of eliminating things that we no longer use and are not useful in our life. If you have been watching the Marie Kondo series you know that eliminating clutter and items that do not bring you joy will help your overall well being. You will be about to move more freely and most important find the items you need when you need them.

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How many times do we spend more time than we want to admit to looking for that one thing we need.  I know I spend way too much time finding things because nothing is cleaned up and put back in the place it needs to go. Simple things take up too much time, tape, scissors, glasses, keys. I am determined to make my home useful for me, and I hope you are ready to join me in a small step approach to making big progress.

Taking the small step approach can be as easy as when you enter a room, find the 1 (one) thing that can be trashed or moved to its proper place. I have been about to clean my kitchen up with this process.  When we are working on an outdoor project, I have to go in and out of the house through the kitchen. I take that extra 15 seconds each time I pass through the kitchen to move 1 thing. 1 dish to the dishwasher, 1 wrapper to the trash, 1 pair of shoes to the steps for upstairs. All these small items in the right place in just a few walkthroughs will clean up all the little items that make the kitchen look like a big mess.

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Join our family in the Decluttering 101 One Small Area A Week.  You will be surprised at how much of your house you can organize and clean out with only 10 to 15 minutes a week working in one small area.

Get your copy of the beautiful worksheets and one-page instructions.  5 Worksheets with 10 weeks on each page for a 50 area clutter free area this year. Do not worry when you start just start and see how working with a small area mindset can improve your home.

Join us by signing up below and you will receive your link to the workbook in the final email along with the password to the printable library.

If I try to think about decluttering my home all at once it is too overwhelming.  All the clutter is so overwhelming I can not think of it as a whole project. But if I look at my home one small space at a time, I know I have 10 minutes to clean up that corner of my bedroom.

Think of your home in 10 to 15 minutes projects and pick just one for this week. Download the free worksheets by clicking here.  Just take one page and write down 2 to 3 area in your bedroom that needs cleaning up. Set a date next to the area and just work on that one area that week.

You can not believe how fast your home will be free of clutter. Each week go by so fast before you know it one small area a week will be a whole room more livable.

How to Get Started

  • I decided to give myself the weekend as a buffer, so I am using Monday as my start day for this great big plan. Each week I pick one small area to clean out. These are the areas that will make my day to day spaces more useful.
  • Print off the worksheet for each week.   Brainstorm task areas that you can do in 15 minutes for a small area each week.  Just start writing down the areas that need to be to clean and you will feel the release of stress. 
  • Next, I look at the family’s calendar and filled in a time to tackle the small areas each week.
  • Do not be worried if you do not get the task done on the day assigned.  Just try to get one small area done by Sunday night.
  • Do not worry when you start.  Just start at any point in the year and you will be making progress.


Do not worry if your progress in the first month is not what you intended. You may think I just can not keep up, but just start over the next week and keep going. This is our progress when we started.

  • The first week I cleared out one shelf in our bathroom closet.
  • The next week the second shelf.
  • The third week Jim and I took Sunday and tackled one small wall of a large area in the basement workroom.  This area was almost a fire hazard.  We spend about 2 hours together and I am so happy with the progress it has helped me keep up with the plan.
  • My next week is my makeup drawer in our bathroom.
  • The next week one shelf in a corner cupboard in our kitchen.
  • I then started on the Kitchen one small drawer or shelf a week.

My hope is to have our areas in our home useful and cleared out of clutter, but I know it is going to take a year or two.   I hope you will join me in freeing up our spaces for the things that really matter and the items we really use.

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We all get overwhelmed looking at our home or looking in each room. Especially if you have little ones at home where you feel like as you pick up they are behind you messing up. We all need to give ourselves a break and allow our lives not to be perfect. We can all agree that raising physically & mentally self-sufficient children is the first goal. But making our homes comfortable and useful to us as a mom is also important. Reduce the stress of trying to make our home perfectly cleaned up by just taking it one small step at a time.  You will not believe the progress that can be made!


Declutter & Organize One Small Step a Week

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