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Homemade Easter Chocolate Bunny Candy Kids Crafts

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Chocolate mini bunnies and easter eggs on a white square plate on a green towel.

The traditional Easter basket is not complete without homemade chocolate Easter Bunnies. A fun easy craft to make with your kids. Learn how to make DIY Chocolate Easter Candy. All you need is a cute bunny and Easter egg molds and chocolate melting wafers.

My kids have always loved to get out of the chocolate molds to make Easter bunnies and Easter eggs.  Homemade candies are fun to make, decorate and eat. You will love working along with your kids to melt and pour chocolate melting wafers.

large dark chocolate Easter bunny on a green towel, mint green bunny mols and a clear white plastic bunny mold.

Is you do not want to use melting chocolate you can buy a large chocolate bunny. Chop to small pieces and melt in the same way as the melting wafers.

Making Chocolate molded Easter Bunnies Craft for the Kids

The key is trying to make sure you can hide some of them to slip into the Easter basket.  We often traveled with the kids who were little on our family in Florida and Disney for Easter.  Because we would not be home for the Easter bunny, I always start early on Easter crafts so we did not miss out on the fun.  But do not feel my children were neglected, as the Easter Bunny always found the kids at any hotel we stayed at.

A few weeks before Easter I make sure I have milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate melting wafers. I have my Easter candy molds all in one place ready to make candy. I make sure I have Easter Baskets that the kids love and look for our stuffed Easter animals.

I like to make a beautiful decorated Easter table for Easter Sunday. I have a basket for each family member, the stuffed animals for decoration, and fun Easter papercrafts.

Easter Chocolate Bunny Candy Kids Crafts pink cake plate

We started dying Easter eggs, chocolate candies, Jell-0 eggs, and bunny paper crafts when my first child was just one.  I believe that crafts are an excellent tool for teaching young kids the basic skills of life. There are so many life lessons that can be shared as you work and play together with a craft.  Patients and disappointment are also well learned early lessons and if you get water in your chocolate as it melts you will be starting all over again.

As we approach spring here in the cold North, crafts are a way to avoid cabin fervor.  We laugh, giggle, hug and show love as we play and create.

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mini chocolate easter bunnies, and easter eggs and easter baskets

Supplies need for Molded Chocolate Easter Candy:

  1. Dark or Milk Chocolate melting discs
  2. White Chocolate chips
  3. 2 or 3 Pyrex Glass Measuring Cups
  4. Plastic Candy Molds
  5. Pastry Piping Bags for Decorations
  6. Pastry Piping Bags

Temper Chocolate

Why do you temper melting chocolate when you are making candy? You will want to temper chocolate if you want it to be shiny, and not tacky to the touch and will snap when broken.

It is up to you if you want to go through this process. For the small batch right before Easter I just melted mine in the microwave and used it with the kids to mold the cute easter chocolate.

To temper, the chocolate put a pot of water on the stove and bring about 2 inches of water to a simmer. Put a metal or glass bowl on top as a double boiler. Melt the chocolate and heat to 110° using a candy or food thermometer.

Remove from the heat and allow to cool. As with all melting chocolate do not let any water get into the chocolate.

chocolate candies in measuring cups Easter Chocolate Bunny Candy Kids Crafts

I melt my chocolate in Pyrex glass measuring cups in the microwave.  Make sure you do this slowly.  One minute at a time and then stir.  When the chocolate is almost melted stir to melt it completely.

Warning:  Do not get any water in your chocolate.  Water will make the chocolate seize up and separate into clumps.  Wash your molds with warm soaping water but dry with clean towels and double dry with paper towels.  Any small amount of water in the cup, spoon, or molds will ruin your chocolate.

white and dark chocolate bunnies in plastic mold. Easter Chocolate Bunny Candy Kids Crafts

Slowly spoon the chocolate into the molds or use the handy Easy Pour Funnel I found on Amazon.  Be careful to not over fill, but you can always take a sharp knife and scrape off any excess when the candy has hardened.  Put the filled mold in the refrigerate for at least 15 minutes so the chocolate becomes hard.

Remove the molds from the refrigerate and gently turn upside down and very slowly and with short motions twist the mold until the hearts fall out.  You may have to experiment with cooking spray.  Some of my molds I have to lightly spray to be able to get the candy out and some I do not.  No rhyme or reason.

dark and white chocolate bunnies Easter Chocolate Bunny Candy Kids Crafts

The last step in making any homemade chocolate candies is to hide some our your beautiful creations from your family so you can make the perfect Easter basket.

Have a very Sweet Easter

~ Susan

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