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10 Fun Valentines Party Ideas

Valentines is a fun holiday for everyone in the family. You are going to love these 10 Fun Valentines Party Ideas. Think of Valentine’s Day as a time to teach and demonstrate love to each other in the family and to friends and neighbors. What better way than to have a fun Valentine’s Day lunch party. The Fun will begin when you get the kids together and plan out the crafts and food to make any Valentine’s day Party fun and festive.

Fun Valentines Party Ideas pom pom wreath, white mug with pink hearts, white and dark chocolate heart candies valentines letters time blocking paper red hearts

Each project tutorial is in a separate post. You will find the supply list and step by step instructions.  Also, I have in the Printable LIbrary all t=of the images to make your crafting easy.  All of the projects are inexpensive and fun to make with your family.

I have 10 fantastic recipes and crafts and a cute time blocking free printable to get the planning started. Check out all the ideas and get all the patterns and printable in the Free Printable Library.  Yes, it is free, just let me know your email and I will send the password to the Free Printable Library so you can start creating.  

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission which helps keep my blog up and running but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Click here to read my full disclosure policy.  

Next time you have a party this year think of how you can use some of the techniques in these DIY projects to create a fun decorative theme.  Again having a simple party with family and friends can be creative, fun, and budget friendly.

Let’s get started. Just click on any link or on any image to be taken to the post with all the details.

Easy Valentine’s Pom Pom Wreath

Fun Valentines Party Ideas red and white pom pom wreath

You will not believe how much fun you and the kids will have making this wreath.  Soft beautiful yarn, a Pom Pom maker, and a simple metal ring is all you need.  Pom Poms can be made by wounding yard around any sturdy cardboard rectangle, but you will love how easy and fun the new Pom Pom maker makes this craft.

Perfect Valentines Shortbread Cookies

Fun Valentines Party Ideas heart cookies on a red and white checked plate with white and red sprinkles

Perfect Shortbread Cookies are beautiful on your table & fun to make with your kids. Your Guest will love them at your Valentine’s Party.  Free Printable Library.

How to Cut Hearts by Hand

Fun Valentines Party Ideas red and pink construction paper hearts and scissors

An easy simple skill every child can learn and should know how to make. School safety scissors and beautiful red and pink construction paper are all you need.

Valentines Party Tea Sandwich Recipes

Fun Valentines Party Ideas white and brown heart mini sandwiches

These little heart-shaped sandwiches a perfect for a Valentine’s Day Party or Dinner. (Find cute cookie cutters here) They are so fun to make and fun to eat. What you can not get your kids to eat you will be surprised how they want to try a mini sandwich in a cute shape. Cream Cheese Cucumber, Egg Salad, and Ham Salad are traditional in our family and I know your family will love them too.

DIY Vinyl Valentines Mug

Fun Valentines Party Ideas White coffee mugs with pink hearts and let's snuggle with 3 white mugs in the background

When you are having a special dinner or party think DIY decorations for your table. You can use budget-friendly blank dishes (find my favorite one here) and decoration and make them your own with beautiful and easy stick-on vinyl.  Remember that all of the images are in the Free Printable Library.

Homemade Chocolate Heart Candies

Fun Valentines Party Ideas white and brown chocolate candy heart shapes with whip cream
Fun Valentines Party Ideas white and chocolate heart shaped candies with heart sprinkles

My girls and I have always loved to make chocolate candies for Valentine’s day. They are of course fun to eat but even more, fun to make their dad for a special dinner or to send over to their grandparents. Simple ingredients candy melts and a little patience as they harden in the refrigerator. There are so many cute molds you can not go wrong with this craft.

Valentines Heart Bisquick Biscuits

Fun Valentines Party Ideas rolling pin red heart cookie cutter biscuit dough

A very simple side dish for any meal, we make biscuits all the time.  The kids love all the fun shapes. Of course at Valentine’s, I make them all different sizes of Hearts, as I have a ton of Heart Cookie Cutters.  Bisquick Biscuit is a recipe that you can easily start teaching your kids how to cook.  You can also teach a little history, check out the post.

Valentine’s Day Heart Sugar Cookies

Fun Valentines Party Ideas red and pink heart shaped sugar cookies with frosting

Sugar Cookies are another perfect cut-out cookie for Valentine’s day. Softer in texture than shortbread cookies, but just as delicious. Easy to mix and roll out and a great activity for your kids as you get ready to share your love with family and friends.

Valentine’s Day Love Letter Free Printable

Fun Valentines Party Ideas

Teaching your children to be grateful and loving could not be easier with these beautiful free printable.  Taking the time to write a grandparent or close friend will bring a smile on their face this Valentine’s Day. If you would like a free copy to download as many times as you would like, they are Free Printable Library.

Time Blocking How I Organize My Whole Life

Fun Valentines Party Ideas pin and red valentines chart for time blocking

I love printables, and I love Time Blocking.  I use these Time Blocking printable every week.  I fill in the time and places I have to be at for appointments, and then I can see areas where I can get the extra goals I want to get done.  Especially if I am planning a party or special dinner, I need to plan out a way ahead of time so I can enjoy the process of having a party. These and all the Time Blocking printable are in the Printable Library. I will send you the password right in your inbox.

I hope you have found inspiration and fun ideas for Valentine’s day. Leave a comment on what you liked best.

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