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Christmas Party Planning Printable Free

Christmas Party Planning Printable

Christmas Party Planner Printable

The Christmas season approachesπŸŽ„ faster and faster each year.  If you have small children at home it seems like there never is a break from each holiday celebration to another once fall starts. Hosting family and friends in your home for a Christmas party can seem impossible and overwhelming.  That is why this year I have designed a New Christmas Party Planner Printable for you to download for free. Having a written plan removes the overwhelming frustration and sets into motion an organized plan. 

You would not start on a road trip vacation with your little ones without a plan for which direction to drive and where you are spending the night. You would spend weeks planning out every detail so the vacation is fun for everyone.  likewise, you never want to entertain a large or small party without a written plan to keep you organized.

Christmas Party Planning Printable

As you already know, trying to entertain with little ones involves constant distractions.🀱  Someone always is calling “mom” and is in need of your attention. If you do not have a written plan it is easy to forget any and everything. Many times I think of how complicated entertaining can be and just do not want to schedule any events.  But having parties is one of my favorite holiday traditions.  Parties are not only fun for you and me, but it is also a wonderful learning experience for our kids.Christmas Party Planning Printable

I remember as a young child many parties my parents had during November and December and the impressions it made on me. I remember the skills and lessons I learned helping my mom decorate, set table and I learned how to be a wonderful hostess.  These Christmas events formed my love of hospitality and I want to pass on these skills and joys to my children.

Christmas Party Planning Printable

Steps for a Successful Christmas Party:

  • Sit down (I know this is hard to find the time) and forget about the dishes and the laundry and take 20 minutes to think through what you want to do for a party.
  • Print off the Free Christmas Party Planning Printable.  Click Here 
  • Jot down who you want to invite.
  • Set a date and time.⏰
  • Decide if you are going to call people,πŸ“ž text,πŸ“± email or⌨️ send a self-printed snail mail invitation.πŸ’Œ
  • Think of a theme for decoration, and choose if it is will sit down, or buffet.
  • Think of colors, silver or gold, red and green or new blues.
  • Will you decorate with snowmen,β˜ƒοΈ Christmas trees,πŸŽ„ or bells and snowflakes?❄️
  • Will you make all of the food yourself, have it catered or ask your guest to participate in a potluck?
  • Think about what food you want to cook.
  • Collect all your recipes.  I use an app called Paprika.
  • Write your grocery list.
  • Write out any decoration materials needed.

Christmas Party Planning Printable

The Weekend Before the Party:

  • Go shopping and purchase all the items on your list.πŸ›’
  • Print out any recipe if you want a paper copy in the kitchen with you.
  • Make sure you have all the items you need in the house so that the day before the party you do not have to go out shopping.
  • Pick up and declutter the house in the areas that guests will be in.
  • Think of a family teen or neighborhood teen who you could ask (and pay) to help you on the day of the party and get help if you can.

Christmas Party Planning Printable

The Night Before the Party:

Again take 20 minutes to time block for the next day of your party Free Printable Here.  This way you will not forget anything and anyone who comes to help will know exactly what you need to be done and when. This also helps your spouse to know what he can do to help and he does not have to keep asking and get frustrated.

I also like to collect and put on my dining room table all the plates and serving dishes I think I will need so on the day of the party I do not have to do so many steps.

Once you have your time blocking done you are ready to hit the ground running. One of the major concerns hosting with little ones is keeping up with the daily needs and getting ready for a party.  Having a well thought out plan, written out by hand is proven to clear your mind and keep you calm.  A lot of times after I have it all written down I do not even have to check the list too much.  When I get up my mind is set on what needs to be done and I just dive right in. 

I never have friends & family over to hour home without first sitting down and writing out a plan no matter how little time I have.  I guarantee you that your next party will go just a little bit smoother if you take the time to write down your thoughts.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas & New Year and share your home and family with loved ones.


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  1. Oh my gosh, you covered everything! The printable are so cute too. I love the details you put into them; like the special dietary needs. I can’t believe it’s almost here.

  2. You know I love to plan and host parties! Though my process is a bit different than yours, I love the thought you’ve put into all of this. Thanks so much for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!

  3. Susan what a great idea! People seem to get so stressed about Christmas planning and this post is a perfect example of how everyone can cope! Thanks for sharing at Fiesta Friday – don’t forget to link up so all your readers can come over and party too!

  4. I saw these printables before – Thanksgiving maybe? I no longer have the “big parties” but there are many who would find these lists valuable. Thanks for providing them to Fiesta Friday – I do believe in lists!

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