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Christmas Time Blocking How I Stay Organized

Time Blocking!

Friends If you have read any of my printable posts you know that I am obsessed with Time Blocking. Christmas is right around the corner and I needed a new printable image for my Christmas Time Blocking so I can show you how I stay organized for Christmas.

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I am not an obsessive person or a ridge person. I am a practical person who goes with the flow and tries to make every day count. Because of this, I have found that making a written plan with time blocking allows me to go with the flow with my family while still keep my eye on what I desire and dream to get done in my life.

I have so much to get done and it seems like so little time.  However, when I sit down and fill in what has to be done, like an appointment, kid’s activities, work Christmas parties, I see that there is still large blocks of time for me to get my dreams accomplished. If I do not write it down but just worry about how I am going to get stuff done, it never does. Time is wasted on projects that are not that important or lost in my phone or a show I really do not care about.

Christmas Time Blocking How I Stayed Organized
Christmas Time Blocking How I Stayed Organized

How to Use Time Management Templates

  • I start worrying about how I am going to get everything done.
  • I look for a paper to start writing a list.
  • All my papers look plain and dull.
  • Beautiful images inspire me so I start looking for fun images.
  • I print off a beautiful designed printable.
  • At first, I start with all the appointments I can not change and are not in my control.
  • Next, I  mark down travel time.
  • We all need to feed our families so I then add in when we are going to have meals.
  • One of the most important items comes next when I  list out my goals for the week of what I want to do.
  • Now as I look at the chart I see all the 30 minutes blocks that are blank.
  • I schedule a time for my big dreams and goals.

It is as easy as that and you will find a sense of peace and joy that you know you have control over your week.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you find Time Blocking help you.

Have a fantastic time this Christmas with your family & friends.

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