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Easter Lunch Box Notes

Fun colorful notes for your children’s lunches or backpack. You will not see the smiles when they open up their lunch but you will know that your sweet message will brighten up their lunch. Your children will love the cute Easter & Spring designs and be encourages by your expression of love mid-school day.

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Lunch Box notes are an easy way to say I love you to your family.  Sharing our love is important for our children in the middle of the day as this simple act is a strong reminder of home and security. During a long day at school, it is important to tell the littlest members of your family that they are loved and remembered. Taking the time to add something special to their lunch during the middle of the day lets them know that they are loved.

Easter Lunch Box Notes pink bunny on white counter with lunch notes

Think of it as a reminder of their home. Their home is a safe loving nurturing sanctuary. The school day can be hectic and overwhelming. Finding a reminder of their support at home may just be what they need to help calm any anxiety and lessen any tension of the day.

Easter Lunch Box Notes

Spring is upon us, and Easter is a bright holiday to help us decorate our home and our life. I have designed these super cute lunch box notes that have a cute saying or you can print out a blank one and write your own Love note.

Download your copy of the super cute Easter lunch box notes and print them out as many times as you would like. Printing them out all at once cutting them out and keeping them handy makes the morning lunch routine go quicker.

Even little reminders on your kids’ notes of a play day or a special activity for the weekend can brighten up a busy school day.

So remember, taking a few minutes to add a loving note to your little one’s lunch, helps them remember of their supportive family back home, and most likely will bring a smile to their face.

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Put a smile on everyone’s face at lunch with cute Easter Lunch Box notes. We all can use encouragement and a reminder of home during our busy days.

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