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Easy Christmas Decorations Cricut Project Glitter Town People

In no time you can make a simple Cricut Craft Project for your mantle, or holiday table with these beautiful Christmas Village People, cut out of glitter cardstock. A simple 2D & 3D paper project can add just a little extra to your Christmas Decorations.

Every year, we keep a similar theme for our fireplace mantle but are always looking to add a little different touch to improve on the Christmas decorations. I wanted to add a little gold color to our traditional Christmas green garland and found this design in Cricut Design Space.

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When you make a simple paper project out of glitter cardstock on your Cricut cutting machine it adds a sense of elegance on a budget. There are so many different colors and types of glitter cardstock your options are limitless. I think you will love the simple silhouette design of Christmas Carolers.  The style and design remind me of our favorite Christmas movie, Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.

Many times you will want to enhance your decorations or change things up a little bit, and using any of the Christmas designs in Cricut Design Space can add a simple touch. I also love using simple paper crafts as they can be placed anywhere, and can be handled by small kids. The kids can have the joy of decorating & playing with your Christmas Decorations and if something happens you can just easily make them all over again.

So many of our Christmas decorations are fragile &  breakable. We want our kids to start experiencing the joy of decorating for Christmas but do not want tears over broken treasures. Christmas decorations are so beautiful to look at but little ones love to touch and hold things. Using paper 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional patterns gives your little children beautiful Christmas decorations that they can position and move around and play around with and start to develop the joy of decorating.

Easy Christmas Decorations Cricut Project Glitter Town People



  • Man Caroling #M310Ae
  • Woman Caroling #M310B4
  • Boy #M30E74
  • Girl #M30E86


  • Open the Cricut Design Space on your laptop, iPhone, iPad, or desktop computer. The design I used is are in Cricut Design Space from the “Christmas Village” collection.
  • After adding the images to my Cricut Design Space “new project” I took a ruler to determine how tall I wanted the characters to be on our mantle. I resize the image is to be exactly what I needed for our decorating space.
  • I looked through my Glitter Cardstock and pick a beautiful gold and loaded it on my Cricut Cutting Mat. All you do next is press the Green “Make It” Button.
  • After the cutting is done, remember when removing the paper from the mat, it is best to leave the paper flat on your work surface and roll the mat away from the paper so the project doesnโ€™t curl.
  • Images come with a slit so that you can have them stand on their own. Similar if you remember how a lot of paper dolls used to have images stand up, or how many board game pieces stand up.
Easy Christmas Decorations Cricut Project Glitter Town People


I used gold glitter paper but silver would look just as elegant. I also have green and red glitter paper that would make a beautiful mono-color theme. You could also find in the Cricut Design Space several beautiful silhouette village houses that that also add a beautiful addition to any setting. Remember to resize all your patterns so that they are on a similar scale and look good next to each other.

Once you start looking through all of the beautiful Christmas images it will be hard to stop creating simple but elegant decorations to add around your home. These projects are also perfect to start teaching crafting to your children a simple enough project for them to join in the fun without a lot of expense. Paper projects also provide a quick win in crafting without a lot of time.

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