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Printable Christmas Planner: Organize Your Christmas Entertaining

New at Crafting A Family is my new Printable Christmas Planner to help you organize your Christmas entertaining.  As is the case with Thanksgiving, the key to having an enjoyable Christmas for the host is a well-thought plan.  In our house the past few Christmass, our family swells from 3 at home to 9.  I want to have a lot of family time for fun and conversation and not a lot of time in the kitchen or looking for supplies. I have found that planning early in December in written form makes the holiday enjoyable for me.

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Green and chalk Christmas dinner planner

The Printable Christmas Planners are here for you to use to map out your Christmas decorating, gift buying and meal planning. I believe that work is more enjoyable with you have beautiful tools to use and I have made these printable Christmas planners.

I have two sets for you to use.  The first has a traditional chalkboard and greens at the top and a friendly snowman at the bottom. Even though chalkboards are not used in the classroom anymore we still are nostalgic about that traditional Black chalkboard.

The 2nd set has my new favorite Christmas theme, a vintage car out of the woods looking for the family’s special Christmas tree. This design has a 50’s car out in the snowy forest where the children had been sledding,  and now the family has gone into the woods to find the perfect tree for their Christmas holiday.

You can click Here or on the image to have full access to the Printable Library where you can download the Printable.  

Free Christmas party planner red car green pine trees


Click on this link, PRINTABLE CHRISTMAS PLANNER, and I will send the planner right to your inbox the link and password to the Printable Library as soon as I have your email.

Head over to my Post on Planning your Thanksgiving Dinner and you will find some tips for hosting dinner and house guests.

I remember many a Christmas with my Aunt Lois hosting our family for a weekend or a whole week when the weather gifted us with a snowstorm.  When Aunt Lois and Uncle Lewis were first married they lived next door to my Grandmother and Grandfather, in a two story home.  The home was small with a living room, office, kitchen and bathroom on the first floor and the second floor with three bedrooms and a bath.  The third bedroom was made out of the eves with a slanted roof and a sign that said, “Keep Out”.  It was my older cousin John’s room.  One Christmas my Mother, sister and I were snowed in and Aunt Lois put me up in John’s room, as John was away at college at OSU.  I was about 5 and was so excited to be staying in the “Keep Out” room.

Aunt Lois and Uncle Lewis then moved to Brown road to a salt box that had two bedrooms and a bath upstairs, and a living room, kitchen and mother in law bedroom for my Grandmother on the first floor.  This house, like their first, had a basement but larger with a wood burning stove.

I remember the first Christmas Aunt Lois hosted the whole family in their new home, we had 4 families in this little house with 16 people along with two dogs and a huge Christmas tree.  Aunt Lois squeezed everyone in and made everyone feel welcome, as she even made three makeshift rooms in the basement with curtain walls so everyone had a room for the week.

I am not sure how she keeps everything organized or how she keeps us all fed. Aunt Lois was avid about keeping a journal of all her trips and crafts and I am sure she had a well-thought-out plan for all the meals and crafts.  Aunt Lois always had a craft for the children whenever we visited.  She was so innovative for the time with limited supplies.  I only wish I could show her one of our crafts stores with the huge amount of supplies.  I know she would have been crazy about my Cricut and would have spent hours with me planning projects.

The memories of that Christmas are full of fun and conversation.  The best gift of that Christmas was the family fellowship and listening to all the family stories.  I do not remember what gifts I received that year as the most precious gift was the love and conversation we shared around the kitchen and making crafts.  I hope that your Christmas this year is filled with family and fun and that you will be blessed with a house full of company.  I hope in some small way this printables help you to plan out your Christmas so you have plenty of time for long hours of family cooking, crafting and storytelling.

I hope that your Christmas this year is filled with family and fun and that you will be blessed with a house full of company.  I hope in some small way these printables help you to plan out your Christmas so you have plenty of time for long hours of family cooking, crafting and storytelling.












The Best Christmas Party Planning Printables










Plan Ahead Christmas Printable for you next Christmas Party

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  1. It would be so handy to have all my Christmas plans in one place. Thanks for this great idea, Susan.
    Wishing you and yours blessings for the Christmas season and beyond!

  2. This is great idea and who doesn’t love planners. Thank you for sharing at Dishing it and Digging it link party. Have a great week.

  3. I don’t envy those who have to host both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Christmas is the one holiday when we don’t go all out, and it’s so wonderful. Thanks for sharing such a great set!

  4. This is great! I love planners and this is so pretty, how do you not want to have one?
    Jeanette @ Wistfully Warped

  5. Yes! A planner would make it so much easier to keep track of everything! Great idea! Thanks for sharing and linking up at Dishing It & Digging It! Can’t wait to see your creativity next week! 🙂

  6. Some of my favorite things… PLANNERS and HOLIDAYS! I love the graphics. It definitely beats my composition notebook that I constantly forget or misplace during this time of year. Hopefully this will help me stay a little more organized this holiday season. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Lisa at Dreams and Caffeine

  7. Great idea! I tend to either jot things down on scraps of paper (that then get lost in the mess of my desk or my kids scribble on them) or in a spreadsheet which I forget to check! This would be helpful to have it all pretty and laid out in front of me — organized. Visiting from Dishing and Digging It party.

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