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Free Printable Christmas To Do List

Daily Time Management Time Blocking
Organize Each Day For A Stress-Free Christmas

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Every December, even after all these years, I want to create for my family the joy and excitement I experienced as a child at Christmas. 

Our lives are so much different now, better in so many ways. but busier and so fast-paced.  It is hard to keep up with all the work, school, and family activities. We have our smartphones to remind us of everything as we can not keep it all in our heads.

With all that is going on in our lives, how do we design the cozy warmth stillness of joy in simple things? When our families are so rushed, & destructed how do we have meaningful moments that will last a lifetime? It takes a lot of work & time, time that we are all so short of. 

 How to do all that we want without running yourself ragged and losing that joy?  

The answer is… Organizing, Prioritizing, and Planning!


Preparing in advance for the times we are together. Finding shortcuts so we have the feeling of homemade in a semi-homemade quicker method.  Even with my phone, I need to see my days, weeks & months on paper in front of me so I can organize, prioritize and move things around.  By having a written plan I can make my life & my families more joyful and meaning full.  Not just doing things to be busy. 

Yes, you can hack your way to an old-fashioned family Christmas, with a lot of pre-planning, pre-shopping and using technology, not as a distraction but has an assistant.

I have themed the Christmas to do list, or what I like to call time blocking with gold & greens and my favorite pinecones.  If I am going to tackle my day I want to have beautiful images to inspire me and I hope this inspires you too.

Having a written plan ensures that you will enjoy each moment of Christmas as well as design those special memories that your family will remember forever. 

Take It One Step At a Time With Your To Do List!

  • Print off your copy of the Christmas To Do List
  • Take all of the scheduled events that are out of your control and put in at the appropriate time. Leave time for travel.
  • Take 5 to 10 minutes to dream of what you want to do that day. Make cookies, a walk in a park, organize a drawer or read your favorite book.
  • Then start finding little blocks of time to get accomplished your goals.

Have a Very Merry Christmas,


Grab Your Free Copy of the Christmas To Do List, Beautiful gold bells, greens, and pinecones to inspire you to manage your time this Christmas.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this helpful printable. I know that I will def need this for getting organized this holiday season

    Keys to Inspiration

  2. Hi Sue. This is so hopeful around the holidays! I find myself feeling like I can’t find enough hours in the day this time of year. In reality, I need to organize my day better. I’ll be pinning this!

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