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Simple Caprese Mozzarella Grape Tomato Skewers Appetizers

One of the simplest appetizers we have at a lot of your family dinners and friend parties are easy Caprese Mozzarella Grape Tomato Skewers.  Made with fresh ingredients they are perfect for quick finger food. Our vegetarian guests love them. Only 3 ingredients, mini mozzarella balls, grape tomatoes & basil leaves. I also will drizzle balsamic glaze over them for an extra touch.

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Simple Caprese Mozzarella Grape Tomato Skewers Appetizers

If your grocery store does not carry long toothpicks (ours does not) you can get a variety of decorative skewers or toothpicks here.

Caprese appetizers are easy to have the ingredients on hand and quick to put together. A fun food to have your young kids help with if they can be careful not to poke themselves with the skewer. ( I have done it to myself so be sure to supervise)

Simple Caprese Mozzarella Grape Tomato Skewers Appetizers

You will love to serve Caprese Mozzarella Grape Tomato Skewers appetizers at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. A fresh appetizer is perfect for any dinner party or family gathering. You need just a little something so that your family does not start chewing on their arm, but not so much that they will be full for the big meal.  A great way to keep the over hungry ones out of the kitchen.

How To Make Caprese Appetizers

  • Make sure to wash all of your ingredients. It is tempting to just start assembling but in order to keep the food fresh tasting and vibrant color make sure to remove all dirt.  The Mozzarella balls need to be rinsed to remove any brine.  If you buy the ingredients ahead of time keep an eye on the mozzarella balls. Because the fresh mozzarella is not an aged cheese it will deteriorate and start to mold faster.
  • If little ones are helping assemble the appetizer make sure to warn them to keep their hand out of the way of the sharp tip. Ok, not just the little ones, I also stabbed myself several times.  The recipe is not to be one where you are not paying attention to where your fingers are.

Supplies Needed:

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Simple Caprese Mozzarella Grape Tomato Skewers Appetizers

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  • Author: Crafting a Family Dinner
  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 20 minutes
  • Category: appetizer
  • Method: No Cook
  • Cuisine: Italian


3 simple Ingredients, 4 if you want to drizzle Balsamic Glaze on top but that makes it a little messy for finger food.

Recipe for 20 Skewers and extra to decorate the tray for a family member that just want to grab a tomato or tow


  • 2 Grape Tomatoes Packages, or 1 large from a big box store for 20 (at least 40 tomatoes)
  • 20 mini Mozzarella Balls ( extra for the middle)
  • 1 package of fresh Basil leaves from the produce section of the store ( or we have it in our garden)
  • (optional Balsamic Glaze)


  1. Wash off the tomatoes and the Basil leaves
  2. Wash off the Skewers
  3. On each Skewer put one tomato one mini mozzarella ball one basil leaf and then one tomato.
  4. You can put the ingredients in any order but I like a tomato on the end to hold it together.
  5. Layer on your serving platter in a decorative manner and have a few basil leaves for decoration.
  6. Refrigerate until time to serve.


  • I like to have some of the tomatoes and cheese to have for anyone who just wants to nibble.
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  1. This is one of my favorites as well, tomatoes and mozzarella and basil cannot be beat. Thank you for bringing this to FF.

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