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Spring Daily To Do List – Free Printable Worksheet

By completing a Free Printable Daily To Do List you will set yourself up to be more productive and reduce overwhelm with the time management technique of Time Blocking. With 2 pretty spring designs one with cute Easter Bunnies & Chicks you will be inspired to schedule your day & mindset for the day.

Get Started With Your Spring Daily To Do List by Grabbing Your Copy Here!

Spring Daily To Do List - Free Printable Worksheet yellow peep blue spatula yellow towel

If you are interested in a Weekly To Do List Time Blocking Free Printable – Get more information on The Weekly To Do List!

Try this beautiful Daily Time Management Time Blocking Worksheet to help organize your day. I plan our week using a printable weekly planner but some days are just so filled with appointments and goals to achieve, I print off a daily Time Management Worksheet. Sitting down and planning out a hectic day the night before or in the morning helps to not only keep us on task and motivated but take all of the anxiety out of the day.  If I know I have a well-thought plan and I have looked realistic about what can and can not get done, I do not stress and just get to work. For Your Copy Click Here

I love beautiful printables and printable that match my mood and the season. This bright and colorful worksheet is perfect for any spring or summer day or any time you wanted to be reminded of beautiful flowers. For your free printable click on the box below and I will rush the link and password to the Printable Library where you can download this and many other time management worksheets.

Spring and Easter start so much activity in our family. Between kids’ schedule, sports, school, yard work, gardening, working and blogging, I can hardly keep up let alone remember all I have to do.  That is why I design Time Blocking Printable Worksheets. If you want to start now, download your worksheet right here.

yellow towel blue spatula yellow peep, pink purple easter eggs in pink easter basket

How I Changed my Aditutde about Time

When I was a mom of young children I thought multitasking was the solution to time. If a mom does not perform 3 tasks at once, nothing would get done or stay organized. I now know as a mom of an older grown family that Task Batching is the solution to getting more done in a shorter amount of time.

Batching my tasks helps me to work more productively and helps me to remember each step. If I only do a repetitive task once in a while I have to relearn the steps all over again.  So it is better to do multiples all at once. If I am making Pom Poms for a wreath for several seasons, it is better to get in the grove and make Pom Poms all at once. I have my supplies and I get into a roll. That way all the Pom Poms are uniform and I get a lot done all at the same time.

If I am drafting social media posts, I get more done in less amount of time if I pre-draft a whole month at one time.  If I try to do one a day I have to rethink all the steps each day.

Making lists and then plugging in all the appointments, practices, and meetings, I can see the blocks of time I have for all the things on my list. I look for big and small Blocks of Time in my week and plug in the tasks on my list. Taking 30 minutes blocks of time I start filling in all the items that are most important for the week. I have my tasks broken down into 10 to 15 minute tasks so that any items can be easily be done in 30 minutes,  no matter if you are interrupted for the hundredth time about “why do the clouds not fall down”  or why is the sky blue” questions.

Spring Daily To Do List - Free Printable Worksheet yellow peep blue spatula yellow towel

Start Your Time Blocking To Do List

  1. Print off this beautiful free printable.
  2. Grab several different pens or pencils.
  3. Fill in all the appointments that have a specific time and can not be changed
  4. Fill in family events, dinners, movie, or date nights.
  5. Under the section “Goal of the Week” write in what you dream of doing or need to do and just can not get to. (for me this is decluttering)
  6. On the left-hand side, take a deep breath and look at what you want to get done in each area, home/family, work, fun.
  7. Think back on the goals you started on the first of the year and see if any small steps can be done this day to move these goals forward.  I have a big goal of decluttering our home. Each day I think of one small area or item I can look through and throw out just one thing.  This is where I start with my mindset but I always once I get started I get more decluttering done.
  8. DO NOT STRESS: A To Do List Worksheet is not to make life more stressful. This list is only for you. If you get everything done, great job for the day. If you only get one item done, success in getting the one that is the most important or that could not wait for another day. Time Blocking is to help you prioritize items, clear your mind from worry and have everything in one spot so things do not get forgotten.  If items are not completed because you spent the whole day rocking a sick child you can print off a new sheet and start again the next day. 

Remember to think of goals as important to you whether they are big or small. Like mine, you may have a big goal of cleaning out your house. Or your goal may be to do one load of laundry a day to make sure it does not get away from you. Or you may have a yearly goal of one family field trip a month with the kids. Do not put any judgment on your goals. Look at where you are now and set goals that improve the quality of your life.

Spring Daily To Do List - Free Printable Worksheet yellow peep blue spatula yellow towel

Now you are on your way to reducing stress in your life. If you are a stay at home mom, work outside the home, or starting your own business planning ahead and blocking out what hour you will do what will help you feel more in control of your days. Even if you get distracted you can come back to your plan and pick up on the items and tasks that are the most important to you.


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Spring Easter Daily To Do List Planner

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