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1 Small Step a Week Declutter – 1 Area a Week Will Organize Your House

Organize your home once and for all with 1 small area a week printable

Declutter 1 Small Area a Week Will Equal Large Results

When you are raising children and caring for elderly parents your home can become very disorganized. You are going in so many directions and do not have time to organize, separate and see what should be kept or donate. You have the best intentions but everything just gets put in a drawer, a closet, the basement or the attic.

Just get everything away so when family birthdays, anniversary, holidays are at your house everything is picked up. But do not open that closet door.  😬😬

It becomes so overwhelming you just do not know where to start. You do not have to do it all, just start with 1 small area of your home at a time.

Just one small area a week, a month, a day, will add up so fast you will not believe how quickly you will feel the momentum of organization and decluttering your home.

I have a fun pastel design that has a blank 52-week chart so you can sit down and plan your goals or mark your progress.  Remember there is no pressure, you have enough of that with all your responsibilities. Just start somewhere and make a plan.

Grab Your Free Printable Here

We have raised three children and cared for two sets of elderly parents and decluttering our house this year,  1 small step a week is our goal for organizing our house.  

When I was in high school I asked my best friend’s mother how she keeps her house so clean.  She told me that she organized one small area each week.  

She helped me to understand that if you try to tackle the whole house you become overwhelmed.  However, one small area each week we’ll keep your house clutter-free and organized before you know it.

Organize your home once and for all with 1 small area a week printable

Overcoming Overwhelm

As we are slowly becoming empty-nesters and close to retirement, my goal this year is to Declutter the house of all the areas we have ignored while caring for others. As I look at all the closets and drawers in our home it is so overwhelming.

It seems like a daunting task however, I keep hearing Inga’s voice (my friend’s mother) as I  was standing in her well-organized kitchen, encouraging me to take one small step at a time.

My task is so large, as we have been in her home for 30 years, that even one small step seems stressful as I try to determine where to start.  But I have a do-able plan to declutter.

I decided to start with the printable.  I designed two bright and beautiful forms to help you clear your mind before you cleared the house. Take a good look at what you need to organize and divide it into small steps.

Your first step, if you would like to join me in the 1 Small Step Plan, is to go to the Printable Library and print off the free printable forms.  Do not have access to the Printable Library,  do not worry it is free.  Click Here or on the image and when I receive your email address, I will send you the Password.

Once you confirm your email address you will receive an instant download of the Free Declutter Printable Worksheets!

Organize your home once and for all with 1 small area a week printable
Organize your home once and for all with 1 small area a week printable

Prioritize in your mind what areas would make your life more convenient if they were cleaned out and picked up. In order to make this easier, you need a printable to brainstorm.  After brainstorming you need a printable to set up priorities. 

Setting these small goals will take the worry out of your mind and put it on paper.  Having it listed out also allows you to check off each week’s task and encourage yourself as I go forward with a few weeks of progress.

How to Get Started Decluttering & Organizing

  • Give yourself the weekend as a buffer, use  Monday as a start day for this great big plan. Each week pick one small area to clean out. These are the areas that will make your day to day spaces more useful.
  • Print out the Brainstorm printable, and the Each Week Printable.  Clear out your mind and Brainstorm tasks and then set a small area each week.  Just start writing down the areas that need to be to clean and you will feel the release of stress. 
  • Next, I look at the family’s calendar and filled in on the second Printable where is time to tackle the small areas.
  • Do not be worried if you do not get the task done on the day assigned.  Just try to get one small area done by Sunday night.
  • Can not start the first week of the year? Do not worry.  Just start at any point in the year and you will be making progress.

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I keep reminding myself that overwhelming tasks usually are simpler than you think once you just get started.  Getting started for me is the hard part.

You will find that having a plan written out enables you to put the whole task out of your mind.  You will also find that when you have 20 minutes to do some organizing you can just pull out your list and tackle one small area.

I hope these printables are as helpful to you as they have been for me, leave a comment and let me know how you are doing.

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1 Small Step a Week Declutter - 1 Area a Week Will Organize Your House
1 Small Step a Week Declutter - 1 Area a Week Will Organize Your House

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  1. The timing of seeing this couldn’t be more ideal. Cleaning up, cleaning out and packing up to be ready to move.
    Would you kindly send me the printables?
    Thank you so much 😊

  2. I’m trying to clean out in order to put the house on the market, so I may have to step up my pace some from that list. But I do notice, when I clean out just even one drawer, that sense of relief! You are right, it is too overwhelming to do everything at once, and I have 25 years of stuff to sort through.

    1. I am so with you we have so much to clean out I tell my self just look in that drawer what can you give or through away

    1. It takes me forever too, but you are right once it is done you feel so much more relaxed. Congratulations on the closet.

  3. In my decluttering I have notice I had so much more success when I broke it down into small parts. I love how your printable organizes around this idea and makes it easier to prioritize where to begin. Great job.

  4. I totally understand. We are nearly empty nesters too. I purged before we moved to this city 3 years ago but I need to do it again really. It is amazing how fast things will accumulate! Happy to of found your blog today at Bloggers Pit Stop you just got yourself a new fan!

  5. That’s great! I’m dealing with the same myself… We ended up acquiring a lot of Stuff from family and friends who themselves died or downsized. Most of that is an upgrade from what we had before – the reason we accepted it in the first place – but we haven’t yet moved all of what we had before out to new homes!

    I’d broken it down some, but I had not gotten as far down as you suggest – and I think that’s what I need. Great idea!

    1. It is a lot of work and a lot of emotion to handle. I have been making good progress. I am even amazed at how much gets done with just a little at a time.

  6. The idea to declutter small areas at a time is a great one. I moved after 20+ years and I had a LOT of decluttering to do. Now I try to do it more regularly so I don’t build up so much unwanted stuff!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I am keeping up with our declutter but some of the items are sentimental and hard to make a decision on. I just take one item at a time.

  7. Small steps do add up to bug ones! My closet is on my agenda. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. I have a similar system and it helps to keep organize. This is a great idea and love that you shared this at Dishing it and Digging it link party. Thanks so much and have a great weekend.

  9. Definitely agree that baby steps help a lot. Though these days, I don’t even feel like I have the time to declutter one whole space a week. Thanks again for sharing at the #happynowlinkup

  10. I love how you broke things up into small, reasonable steps. This is exactly what I need in my life!


  11. LOVE this!!! It’s so true how much every small step adds up. Thanks for the awesome printable :)

    1. It is so true, I missed last week but doing two small this week. Our home clean out is a work in progress. Thank you for your comment~

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