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5 Basic Garden Canning Recipes


Canning Whole Foods from the Garden

If you have been following my blog for a while you’ll know that both my family and my husband’s family canned garden-fresh fruits and vegetables. I have heartwarming memories of my mother and I preparing the wax seal for her raspberry jelly. My husband has many memories of helping his mother for years can the heirloom family homegrown tomatoes

Here is a quick reference to all our family canning recipes on the blog. I know you will enjoy them as they are packed with sunshine fresh flavor. And I know if you have not canned food you may be a little timid about starting the process.  I know you can be successful in preparing and canning seasonal fruits & vegetables for your family.

While canning your own homegrown fruits and vegetables it’s not a necessity these days, with our newfound emphasis on healthy living, it is a way to ensure your family has only the freshest foods available during the winter months.

Just remember to keep everything clean and as long as you water bath all of your jars they will keep for a year or so.  You also can make these recipes and put the water bathed cooled jars in the refrigerator to eat in a week or two. As long as the top lid is sunken in, the vacuum seal has held.  Any jar that has a bloated up top needs to be disposed of immediately and not eaten. 

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Refrigerator Dill Pickles

Click here for the quick and easy refrigerator dill pickles.  Delicious right from our refrigerator, ready in three days. You can pick fresh from your garden pickling cucumbers, buy them from your local farmers market or grocery store.  Add to your family’s wholesome eating without any preservatives or ingredients you can not pronounce. Even the kids will love them.

Green Tomato Relish or Piccalilli

Click here for traditional Green Tomato Relish or the Italian Piccalilli.  Piccalilli is a vintage relish made of green tomatoes and all of the vegetables that are leftover in the garden.  It is a savory spicy pickle flavored condiment that was traditionally served at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Packed with nutrients from all of the fresh vegetables it is a perfect dip for crackers or chips in the winter months.  It pairs well with turkey or harm.

Free Printable Labels for your Jars

This is the sticker paper I used, and it is a great price for 100 sheets.

This is the Cricut that I love for perfect labels and fun & easy crafts.

Canning Garden Tomatoes and Family Spaghetti Sauce

Click Here for the full recipe and instructions for canning your own fresh tomato sauce.  Just tomatoes, salt and lemon juice not chemicals that you can use for spaghetti sauce, salsa, sloppy joes or any tomato based recipe. I if you want to make sure your family is eating wholesome food the basic canned tomatoes is a great place to start.  It does take some time but fresh clean taste can not be beaten.  I have also included the Buonpane traditional Italian spaghetti sauce. You can use your own canned tomatoes or a store bought canned tomatoes for this traditional clean recipe.

Italian Canned Pickled Hot Peppers

Click here for the easy canned Italian pickled hot peppers. You can make this recipe as hot or as mild as you like depending on how many hot peppers you add to the mix.  Canning is a fun and easy way to ensure that your family eats fresh and clean food.  This recipe is great on toast or used to make a fluffy omelet.

Easy Corn Relish


Click here for the complete recipe, two different recipes depending if you like more savory or sweeter relish.  You will be happy you made this recipe when winter comes and you want a little something sweet and fresh tasting on a salad or with your burger. I use my electric pressure cooker to par cook the corn and in 6 minutes you are ready to take the corn off the husk.  You again will control all of the ingredients your family eats and have wholesome vegetables all winter long – if you can wait that long.

I hope you enjoy these recipes, let me know if you have any family canning recipes that your family loves.  Also, please send me any questions you may have.


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  1. These all look really really good, reminds me of the days when I would make relishes etc and give them to friends. Once we live where hubs can grow a good garden it would be wonderful to have home canning again. Beautiful post.

  2. Such awesome canning recipes and ideas. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Dishing It & Digging It & congratulations on being featured this week!

  3. You know, considering how many mason jars we have in our house, you would think that I would can food more often! These look like some great recipes to get started. Thanks so much for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!

  4. I inherited a recipe for green tomato relish from my husband’s mum, and it’s a staple in our house. Did you ever try making green tomato mince meat?

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