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College Time Management || Stay Productive with Time Blocking

Using the Time Management technique of Time Blocking will reduce your stress at college, keep you organized, and help you find more time in your week so you can build friendships & design the life of your dreams.

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Why Use Time Blocking as a Student?

I first started time blocking over 40 years ago when I was in college (oh no did I give away my age, well with age comes experience, as well as many mistakes to share so you do not make them). I found myself overloaded with assignments to complete, a new living environment, and lots of distractions.

You will be attending your first class just like I did, and receive the assignments for the whole semester all at once and it hits you OMG how am I going to get all this done. Way back then as today, I decided I needed a plan.  You need a plan. And it is too much to make a great big plan. You need to plan in small segments.

That is why I started breaking down my day in 30-minute blocks. When you have 7 days a week, broken down to lines of 30 minutes you almost feel like you have 48 slots of time each day. If you start your day at 7:00 am and block out your time to 10:30 you have 32 lines on the daily time blocking sheet to set out all you need to do.

You get all 3 worksheets when you provide your email, and I will send you the password to the Printable Library. There you will find all the time management printables decorated for the seasons. Feel free to download and print off as many as you like.

I am not recommending that each line has a ToDo on it. Make sure not to overschedule.

College Time Management || Stay Productive with Time Blocking

How to Schedule with Time Management Worksheets – Time Blocking

Start by writing down all that needs to be done on the left side of the page.  I would suggest putting it at 10:30 Sleep (but then I am a mom, I know, I know that is not realistic).

Next, add to the time slots your classes and meetings.

Now, take the items that need to be done and set times where you have open blocks & add them in. For quick items like emailing your mom {do you get a pattern here 😀}, they will only take one block, your calculus homework maybe 4 blocks/lines. You get the idea.  Again do not overbook, set realistic goals for the day.  Also, do not get upset or stressed if you do not get all you want in one day. Prioritize so the “must-dos'” get done first, and then the “I would like to” last can be moved to the next day if need be. This is your plan you can always start over or move items to the next day.

Fill out the form to get your free printable

Weekly Time Blocking Sheet

College Time Management || Stay Productive with Time Blocking green coffee cup

That leads me to the Weekly Sheet. Do the above for each week, that is where you really can reduce your stress.  You will see all the open blocks and even if you do not block the whole week you see there is a lot of time to get things done and still have fun. (mom here, not too much fun).

I also have a brainstorming sheet to start off with if you just do not know what to put down first. A stream of consciousness, brain dump just get all the things you are worried about in one place so you do not forget anything.

College Time Management || Stay Productive with Time Blocking green coffee cup

Once you have everything organized you can then transfer your plan to your phone, or just leave it on paper, but I find that if I put my daily plan on my phone, just the act of rethinking things helps me reduce stress and remember what to focus on for that day. Remember you will find a practice that works for you. Try a lot of things until you get to a system that gives you confidence that you will get everything done. Then you can relax guilt-free.

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Please email me with any questions, or if you have a printable you would like me to design, I would love to hear how you are using Time Blocking.  Susancraftingafamily@gmail.com

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