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The Ultimate Christmas Planner – Create The Magic!

The Ultimate Christmas Planner Worksheets printable

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The Ultimate Christmas Planner

The Ultimate Christmas Planner has everything you need to Create The Magic of Christmas in your home.  Gorgeous Christmas images will inspire you on every page of The Printable Planner.  After sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee & designing your family Christmas you will have all the details of Christmas written down ready for you to incorporate all of the treasured traditions into your busy schedule. Do not let the hurry and rush of the holidays rob you of the joy of seeing your kids’ and families’ eyes as they enjoy the magic you created for Christmas Eve & Christmas.

The Ultimate Christmas Planner Worksheets Printable

We love Christmas at our house. We love the reason for the season, the decorations, the lights, and especially parties & dinners with family & Friends. The only way that I am able to make the magic of Christmas happened, it by having a detailed plan before I even started any decorating or shopping.

Having a clear written plan on beautifully designed worksheets will help you organize your family gatherings, keep your Christmas budget in line, and ensure that you are enjoying Christmas as much as the people you are creating the magic for.

The ultimate christmas planner worksheets printable

Christmas Traditions

At the first sight of our town’s Christmas light in the town center, I am transported back to my childhood with all the excitement & love my parents created for us kids.

We were taught the true meaning of Christmas, of love and forgiveness. We were taught that all the activity & excitement was to share our faith and our love with family and friends.

My mother’s birthday was on Christmas which made the day even more exciting as Christmas breakfast always had a birthday cake in the middle of the table. Mother wouldn’t have had it any other way, she was overjoyed to share her birthday excitement on the birthday of her Lord and Savior.

Our house was always filled with images of Santa and The Night Before Christmas story. We learned from Santa that even though we make mistakes as children we can continue to improve our behavior and be forgiven for our mistakes.  That unconditional love is given in our family.  Also learned from the story of Santa that it is even more exciting to share the joy of Christmas by being Santas for other people.

The Ultimate Christmas Planner Worksheets Printable

Create the Christmas Magic in Your Home

If you are feeling overwhelmed, or don’t even know where to begin, grab your copy of The Ultimate Christmas Planner with it 30+ pages of worksheets.

The Christmas Planner Will Help You:

  • Organize your thoughts
  • Collect all your recipes in one place
  • Keep your Christmas list manageable
  • Schedule you baking
  • Printable recipe cards
  • Printable gift tags
  • Printable place cards
  • Help you not overbuy, as I always do, and break your budget.

Every year I search for the most beautiful images that remind me of all the magic I remember about Christmas and want to create over again for my family.

Click here For Your Copy Of
The Ultimate Christmas Planner

You won’t believe how stress-free your Christmas planning and preparation will be when you take time to sit down set your goals and make a purposeful mindfull plan.

The Ultimate Christmas Planner Worksheets Printable
The Ultimate Christmas Planner Worksheets Printable

Click here For Your Copy Of
The Ultimate Christmas Planner

Creating a wonderful Christmas may be a lot of work but it can be fun, educational & exciting with a setout plan that gets the whole family involved.

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  1. Love this planner! Also I love the shot of the coffee mug with the whipped topping — looks delicious!

    >> Christene
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