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Simple Vinyl Design For Flameless Christmas Candles

A simple DIY Cricut project of decorating the outside of flameless candles is a quick and easy way to add to your Christmas decorations.   Decorating the outside of the candles with a Cricut Cut design or silhouette adds special Christmas magic to any room.

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I have always loved having candles in the house, as it provides a soft warm glow during the dark winter nights, adding a sense of warmth in homeyness to any room.  But burning a real candle is not always practical.  During any situation is it is always important to be in a room with a burning candle. But as soon as we had children, having any burning candle became too dangerous.

Children are naturally drawn to the flame, it is almost impossible to keep an eye on them at all times. New modern flameless candles come in all shapes sizes and colors. You can find artificial battery operated candles in any shape & size for any room in your house.

Simple Vinyl Design For Flameless Christmas Candles

Flameless candles can be found inexpensively in many stores to fit any budget. I have found the best prices to be at the big box membership stores, or on Amazon, in a plain warm white.

I like to add an additional special touch to my candles by applying an SVG cut design out of adhesive vinyl. I have a Cricut Cutting Machine, but decorating is just as easy with the Silhouette machine. I like to look at the Cricut Design Space program as I can find designs of any shape & style and scale them to fit my candles. I have also purchased fun designs at Thehungeryjpeg.com site. After purchase, you just upload them to design space.

Simple Vinyl Design For Flameless Christmas Candles

Decorating flameless candles with DIY Adhesive Vinyl (I use expressions vinyl) reminds me of the homemade candles my mother would make for Christmas. She would take a clear or red globe, cut out Christmas card images and Modpog them to the outside.  She would then take blocks of paraffin wax melting it on the stove, adding broken crayons for coloring to make the candle inside.

These homemade Christmas scene votives or one of my favorite Christmas memories and decorating the new flameless candles brings back those memories for me with a lot less work and mess

Supplies Needed To Add Adhesive Vinyl To Flameless Candles

Simple Vinyl Design For Flameless Christmas Candles

How To Make Cricut Vinyl Cutting Decals

  1. Open up your Cricut Design Space on your desktop, laptop, iPad, or phone.
  2. Browse through the images on Cricut Design Space or any design that you have found purchased elsewhere.
  3. Add the images to a new project, and re-size depending on the size of your flameless candles.
  4. Choose the color of your adhesive vinyl and place on your cricket cutting mat.
  5. Set your machine to the proper material setting, in this case, vinyl, insert your mat and hit Make It.
  6. When the cut project is done, remove the map from your machine,
  7. At this point, you don’t want to remove the vinyl from the Matt, and then remove the extra vinyl that is not the image you’re going.  This process is called weeding as you are weeding out all the vinyl pieces that are not your image.
  8. Cut a piece of transfer tape the size of your image in place the transfer tape over your weeded cut image.
  9. Transfer the image from the backing of the vinyl onto your transfer tape.
  10. Make sure the surface of your candle is clean and dry.
  11. Starting in the middle of the design,  stick your image to the candle working from the middle of your design outward.
  12. Gently remove the transfer tape at an angle.
  13. Gently rub the image onto the candle to make sure it sticks completely.

You will want to repeat this process for all your flameless candles, and each year you can either leave these designs on your candle or choose a new design for each Christmas season.

I know you’re going to love this project as it becomes very addictive and I find myself each year buying more and more sets of flameless candles to decorate for my home and also to give as gifts.

You May Want To Watch This Video On How To Use
Adhesive Vinyl

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