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St. Patrick’s Day Time Blocking Printable

St. Patrick's Day Time Blocking Printable Chart on a white counter

I have designed this cute green St. Patrick’s Day Time Blocking Printable to help me and you to stay on track as we finish out winter and start planning for Spring. You will love these organizational worksheets to help you achieve your goals for this New Year.

Our family is not Irish so we do not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a traditional way.  But I love the color green and with St. Partick’s Day in March, the holiday reminds me of the beginning of spring.

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St. Patrick's Day Time Blocking Printable Chart on a white counter

My Confusion about Time

Time has always been an incompressible concern for me. When great times occurs it moves too fast and when unhappy stressful times occur its moves way too slow.  

When I was a mom of young children I thought multitasking was the solution to time. If a mom does not perform 3 tasks at once, nothing would get done or stay organized. I now know as a mom of an older grown family that Task Batching is the solution to getting more done in a shorter amount of time.

Batching my tasks helps me to work more productively and helps me to remember each step. If I only do a repetitive task once in a while I have to relearn the steps all over again.  So it is better to do multiples all at once. If I am making Pom Poms for a wreath for several seasons, it is better to get in the grove and make Pom Poms all at once. I have my supplies and I get into a roll. That way all the Pom Poms are uniform and I get a lot done all at the same time.

If I am drafting social media posts, I get more done in less amount of time if I pre-draft a whole month at one time.  If I try to do one a day I have to rethink all the steps each day.

When I become overwhelmed with all the tasks I want to accomplish it is easy to get distracted with social media, a good book, or an iPhone game. I worry about wasting my days and being busy but not getting anything done. I have had a goal of cleaning out our house of all the clutter for the past 10 years but never get too far.  I have boxes of Photographs before digital photography that I want to put in electronic form.  This is so overwhelming it never gets done.

St. Patrick's Day Time Blocking Printable Chart on a white counter

That is why a year ago I started Time Blocking. I love beautiful things and beautiful papers so I started designing gorgeous Time Blocking Printable to make my goals a reality and keep me motivated.  Have I reached all my goals? No, but I am a lot closer to the Time Blocking system. 

St. Patrick's Day Time Blocking Printable

Time Blocking Has Changed My Attitude about Time

After I started  Time Blocking it changed my whole attitude about time.  I set in place once a week the tasks I Want to get done.  I find open time blocks to work on My Goals. And my goals moving forward. I can easer evaluate the request of others and decide if I really want to get involved.  I use to just say yes to everyone’s well-meaning request, and I have expended a lot of my life on activities that just were not for me.

No longer do I find a month has gone by and none of my Big Goals have had any progress. Not everything is done but I see progress and feel accomplished. When you write down all you have to do in front of you, it is easy to see the blank places where you can get your big dreams accomplished.

Time May Not Be My Friend: But We are Now Partners

Time may not be my best friend, it still moves at the wrong speed for me but we have come to an agreement.  I will spend the time I have moving forward in the areas of my life that matter to me and my family.

Now if you are thinking that this person is crazy; when does she relax and rest? I make sure we all get our sleep,(yes it is blocked out). There is tons of time for rest and fun as my goals get done in an organized way. One small step at a time. This is because of Time Blocking and Task Batching.

I get what I want to accomplish in the week and in less time and have lots of time for fun.  If you are struggling with time and how it just does not want to be your friend, make time for your partner by trying to Block out Your Time.

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How to Time Block

St. Patrick's Day Time Blocking Printable Chart on a white counter
  • Start with the appointment and things that are out of your control.  School obligations, doctor appointments, and work if you work outside the home.
  • Now, look at the block of time that is left.
  • Set out three goals you want to get done this year and break them down into small steps.  Actions that can take only 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Take one or two of the block of time for the week and start one small step at a time.
  • Friday is on both sheets as my Friday’s always changing from the workweek to the weekend. If I do not need this space I use it to brainstorm.

Remember only you see how you have set out your week and you can change it or start all over at any time.  Life with kids and a family will always mess up your plans but it is not about sticking to a schedule as seeing the time you can if you want to make for bigger goals in your life.

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  1. Oh I love doing a bunch of one thing at a time, it’s so nice to feel like I’m getting things done.

  2. Hey Susan, it’s me again 😉 I love the printables you designed! They are so cute and festive, making me more excited for spring! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for hosting each week. And Thank you for the encouragement it is greatly appreciated.

  3. Your idea blew my mind this morning. I never made that connection that you are more productive when you task batch. I did task batching on painting signs for an upcoming project yesterday and felt so productive. The printables are adorable and I will be using them. Thank you for sharing this helpful idea at Merry Monday!

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