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Time Blocking How I Organize My Whole Life

Time Blocking How I Organize My Whole Life

Free Printable Valentines Theme Time Blocking

Too much to do and no time to get all the things you want to be done? Time Blocking is the answer.  It is a simple and easy step to take once a week to map out your schedule, your kids’ schedule, set appointments, to see where you have a block of time for what you want to get done.

If you have been following me for a while you know I am all about getting tasks out of my mind and on paper.  I am also drawn to beautiful pictures and graphics. It is a must for me to have pretty things around to keep my mind positive and keep me energetic. Here in Ohio, the weather can get fairly gray so having a bright happy printable keeps me on track.

Click Here to get your copy of the Time Blocking!

Time Blocking How I Organize My Whole Life

It is the first of the year and the house needs picking up and putting away. I have so many blogging ideas I want to share with you and do not want to forget to start. Valentine is just around the corner and hearts are one of my favorite themes for design.

Click Here or on the picture to get your all-access pass to the printable library where you can find this bright, cute, and helpful time Blocking Printable Organizational Worksheets to make your week organized. 

How Time Blocking Will Keep You Organized

If you are like I am, your mind is always going a mile a minute. You are watching the kids, keeping track of the dog answering family texts, keeping track of appointments, planning meals, and some of you are doing all this while working full time. We all have our calendars on our phones or a physical planner but we all need a place to be more detailed about the day. I like to see my whole week all in one place.

You will take the time to sit down even if it at the dinner table or while watching a movie to think about what needs to be done and what you want to get done. Dream about your life and what you want to make it into and how you want to live a fun productive file.

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Time Blocking How I Organize My Whole Life

 Let’s Get Started

❣️Print off the Time Blocking Printable. (I use heavy card stock so it does not get lost in all the paperwork).

❣️Find a good pen you like to use. (I like to use fine point colored pens again to make my life beautiful)

❣️Make yourself something to drink. (I am a hot chocolate or coffee girl, but anything you like is perfect)

❣️ Write in the blocks the appointments and meetings that can not move.

❣️Fill in family events, dinners, movie,s or date nights.

❣️Under the section “Goal of the Week” write in what you dream of doing or need to do and just can not get to. (for me this is decluttering)

❣️Now step back… (mentally, you can stay in your nice comfy chair)… and look at the spaces in the week that are left.

❣️Prioritize the items in the Goal Section and start filling in small steps each day that move you towards your dream goals.

I do hope these printables on time blocking help you feel less stressed, more organized, and empowered to start making progress on your big dreams. I would not be able to work, take care of my family, and write this blog if I did not each week set down and Time Block.

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