Watermelon Printable Summer Decor

Trying to have summer last as long as possible, I created this beautiful watermelon stand printable for my office. Each season or holiday I swap out the picture in my frame that sits in my office.
As watermelon is my favorite summertime fruit, it seemed only fitting to find a beautiful pink and Rose watermelon image for my printable.

It is easy and fun to use Prindables to add a little extra sparkle to your home decorations. Whether it is in a frame like in my office, or a picture you hang on the wall that you swap out an image. It keeps your decorations fresh and Season.

I wanted to share my love of summertime watermelon, so this printable is free for you in the printable library.

Click here for the password to the printable library and download your own summer watermelon heart decoration.

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  1. This is really nice and perfect for summer. I really think its great that you create a printable for your office.

    I worked for a long time in cubicle land and I think this sunny little personal touches make all the difference.

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