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Disney Hotel Room Door Decorations Cricut Project

Decorating your Disney World Resort Room Door has become a huge creative activity for Disney Family Vacation. Using your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine can make a fun project with your kids look like a professional designed your door. The kids will love planning and designing for a fun pre-vacation kids’ craft activity.ย 

I have heard so much about guests on Disney cruises and the contest for decorating their hotel room doors. I even see on Pinterest very creative decorations on the hotel windows. So on our trip to the Disney Vacation Club Disney Hilton Head Island Resort, I wanted my Disney Hotel Room Door decorated to join in all the fun.

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As you may know from my post I love creating with my Cricut Explore Air.ย  I jumped on over to Cricut Design Space and started looking for Disney designs. If you are not familiarย you can purchase Disney images from Cricut Design Space to make items for your personal use with your Cricut Cutting Machine.

In Design Space there are tons of Disney images to pick from. As the resort is at the beach on Hilton Head Island I knew that the Nemo images would be perfect. I then called the hotel to ask what material the doors were made of and if they were ok with me decorating my door.  They confirmed what I remembered that they were metal so magnets would be perfect.

Disney Hotel Room Door Decorations Cricut Project live oaks lodge hotel with cast waving

So my first question was is there printable magnetic paper that will work in a printer, so I can use the print and cut feature in the Cricut Design Space. As you can imagine you can find anything and I found the perfect printable magnetic printer paper. If you are going to make your own magnets using the print and cut feature, you can find the Cricut Magnet Paper Here.

{One word of warning:  I have a latex sensitivity that gets more severe the more you are exposed.  I loved the magnetic paper, but it is made of a substance to be flexible as it goes through the printer.  Not sure what it is made of but it started to set off my latex sensitivity. After the first 30 minutes, I had to open up a window to get fresh air in and use latex-free gloves when handlining the paper. }

Disney Hotel Room Door Decorations Cricut Project dark green door with cream trim with Nemo and beach stickers

I loved this project and the printable magnets printed so beautifully I would make more for our trips in a minute. Your kids will be so excited when they see the cute Disney Images and be so excited to make even more magnet projects.

If you are in need of Vinyl or printable magnetic paper Click here or below on the Cricut Supplies image.

Supplies Needed:

Click Here on the image below for monthly access to the images in Design space and so many of the Disney Images.

Disney Hotel Room Door Decorations Cricut Project dark green door with cream trim with Nemo and beach stickers

Steps for Decorating your Disney Room Door:

  1. Pick a theme for the door, as we were going to the beach, Nemo was perfect along with sunglasses, flip-flops and I could not pass up Olaf loving the heat.
  2. Find Print & Cut images in Cricut Design Space or Single layer images that go with your theme.
  3. Purchase magnetic printer paper.
  4. When using the magnetic paper first print and cut the purchased image as they will take up the most space of each page.
  5. Next fussy cut the unused pieces of magnetic paper for the single layers. Taking the largest scrap of magnetic paper and putting them on the cutting mat, arrange the image on the screen to cut on the scraps to us as much of each page as you can.  The paper is not cheap, so I wanted to get all I could.
  6. Taking the single layer cuts of the glasses and the flip-flops I fed them up-side-down in the Xyron Creative Station. The Xyron makes anything you put through it a sticker. Putting the cut images upsidedown made the plain white front sticky, then cover heavy with glitter. (store in a ziplock bag for travel as the glitter gets everywhere).
  7. You can also purchase other images at ThehungeryJPEG.com, and you can import these image to Cricut Design Space to make your own Print & Cut Images.  My Tutorial on how this is done can be found in this Post.
Disney Hotel Room Door Decorations Cricut Project Cricut design space screen with turtle

From the screen above, you print the image on the printer paper.  The image below pops up and you print your page. After it is printed you place on your mat and follow the instructions to cut. Every time I make some of the magnets it seems like magic, so fun and so easy.

Disney Hotel Room Door Decorations Cricut Project Cricut design space screen with turtle
Disney Hotel Room Door Decorations Cricut Project 6 beach chairs on a tan beach with blue sky and wages

Our family loves the beach and we love Disney and the Hilton Head Disney Beach Resort is our happy place when we want to relax.ย  I am always looking for ways to make our annual beach vacation special for the kids and add Disney touches to each visit. Making the door decorations gave our room a special look.ย  It made our room easy to remember and I hope brought a smile to some of the guests and staff.


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  1. Ok I’ve never heard of this awesomeness that is decorating your door but now that I know about it I AM SO DOING IT!!

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