11 Easy Traditional Easter Dinner Ideas Recipes & Menu

Having family over the Easter dinner can be stressful for any hostess. We all have that first thought of what will I make and how can I get all this done. After 30 years of family get togethers the only way I am able to keep it all together is to have a written plan.

If you are making your plan for Easter Dinner I have for you 11 Traditional Easter Dinner Ideas with Recipes and a Free Easter Dinner Planner to make the whole process quick & easy.

flag with title classic deviled eggs
Classic Deviled Eggs

Classic Deviled Eggs 

Ask any of your women family members mother, aunt, grandmother, and they will tell you that having deviled eggs at Easter Dinner is a must. You will love this Classic Deviled recipe, simple and you can make it your own by adjusting the salt, pepper, and paprika to your taste. If your family likes dishes spicy you can add some cayenne pepper.

Simply spoon the egg yolk mixture in the center of the whites or like I have in the picture you can pipe a swirl with a piping bag and a decorative tip. Devilled eggs are easy to make the day before and have ready in 15 minutes Easter Sunday and are an easy starter for dinner.  Your hungry guest can grab one for a quick bite before dinner starts.

blue flag with title instant pot hardboiled eggs
hardboiled eggs in white pressure cooker

Hard Boiled Eggs In Instant Pot

The quickest way to make hard-boiled eggs for your delicious Deviled Eggs is in your Instant Pot electric pressure cooker.  Another turn it on and forget it recipe. No worrying if they are under or overdone. Perfect every time. Great idea for making beautiful colored Easter eggs. Instead of heating a huge pot of boiling water when you have the little ones in the kitchen with you try making them in your Instant Pot and they will be done in no time.

green flag with title jello eggs
Jell-O Easter Eggs

Jello Easter Eggs

Having beautiful Jello Eggs on your Easter table is another traditional and fun pre-dinner appetizer that your family will love. You can make these quick & easy appetizers a few days before (if you can keep them from being eaten right out of the fridge).

Easter Jello Eggs are so much fun to get the kids involved in the kitchen. Let your little ones pick out the jello flavors and they can even mix for the 2 minutes per the instructions. Jello eggs can be made with the regular sugar Jello or they are just a good made form the Sugar Free Packets.

purple flag with title classic scalloped potatoes
scalloped potatoes with turkey bacon, spatula, blue egg blue pink bunny

Classic Scalloped Potatoes

Having a bubbling hot casserole of scalloped potatoes is a classic for any Easter Dinner. While it will take about 30 minutes to prepare, making a traditional version is well worth the effort. This recipe can be combined together and refrigerated and baked the next morning. Just make sure that all of the raw potatoes are covered with sauce.  If any of the potatoes are exposed to air the exposed potato will start to turn brown.  Not a problem to eat but does not look as nice.

This recipe can also be adjusted to your families tastes. You can add onion to the sauce, and or add white cheddar cheese to make them cheesy potatoes.

pink flag with title corn bake casserole
corn bake in white casserole dish blue salt and pepper

Corn Bake Casserole

Creamy Comforting Corn Bake Casserole has become a go-to side dish for most holidays. It can be mixed together in less than 10 minutes and in the oven. Easy to make and easy to keep warm. Even your picky eaters will love this side dish.

yellow flag with title chicken marsala
chicken marsala with white rice

Chicken Marsala In Instant Pot

Ham is a traditional main dish for Easter Dinner, but not all families like ham. An alternative is a quick & easy Chicken Marsala in the Instant Pot. Chicken Marsala has a bold wine flavor.  It is not the usual chicken dinner which makes it special for a holiday dish. Serve over pasta for a traditional Italian dish or serve over rice.

blue flag with title pineapple upside down cake
pineapple upside down cake on white plate with fork

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

A very traditional dessert for Easter Dinner is a Pineapple Upside Down Cake. The bight yellow color with the red cherry not only tastes fabulous but reminds everyone of spring and spring flowers. This recipe is an older recipe from the 1950s if you do not usually make this festive cake you will not go wrong. It will soon be a family tradition in your home.

green flag with title buttercream frosting quick easter cake
purple cake on cake stand with easter bunny and eggs

Buttercream Frosting Quick Easter Cake

With a 2 box cake mixes and this delicious creamy Buttercream Frosting recipe, you will have an Easter Dinner dessert and centerpiece that will wow all of your guests. Make the cake and decorate it the day before and simply keep it in the refrigerator until an hour before you are ready to eat dinner. It looks and tastes spectacular but only you know how easy it was to put together.

purple flag with title easter sugar cookies

Easter Sugar Cookies

A quick batch of Sugar Cookies Dipped in Chocolate & loaded with sprinkles is a perfect baking activity to enjoy with your little ones to celebrate Spring and Easter. If you think you have no time to bake with your kids I have the tips that will have you baking in no time.

pink flag with title chocolate buny candy
white and dark chocolate easter bunnies

Chocolate Bunny Candy

The traditional Easter basket is not complete without homemade chocolate Easter Bunnies.  Easter is the perfect time for crafts as my go-to colors are the pastels of Easter.  My kids have always loved to get out the chocolate molds to make Easter bunnies and Easter eggs.  Homemade candies are fun to make, decorate and eat.

green flag with title edible easter grass
coconut easter grass in wine glass with red yellow and purple jello eggs

Edible Easter Grass

Quick & Easy edible Easter grass is the perfect accent for your Easter table.  Just waterfood coloring, and sweetened coconut. Using this edible grass you can have any dessert nestled in an edible Easter basket theme. Use this recipe to add to a lot of the decorations and recipes.

You can reduce the stress and overwhelm of having family over for Easter dinner by setting up a menu, shopping list, and todo list. Take a few minutes to plan out your Easter Sunday plans now and save yourself confusion and frustration the days before Easter.

Download your FREE! Complete Easter Menu Planner now and start planning the perfect enjoyable Easter weekend and have all your plans set to implement before the guest arrive. Because a simple plan will make dinner fun for you and perfect for your guests.

We are blessed with so many family & friends who love to get together and celebrate every holiday and special occasion. I hope you will be able to use one or more of these fun quick & easy recipes to share with your family and renew old traditions or start new ones.


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  1. My mouth is watering! I have been given the chore of making scalloped potatoes this year. I love to cook, but when it comes to scalloped potatoes, Betty Crocker is my go-to. However, I was told that was not allowed, so I guess I will have to try and make the real thing! Thank you for sharing!

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