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The Complete Easter Menu Planner Free Printable

Making a Plan For Easter Dinner

Nothing settles our nerves and reduces your anxiety than having a well thought out plan. Having family or friends over can start your feeling to get overwhelmed when you think about having houseguests. And if you have a home with little ones you can get concerned that the house will stay a mess.

The solution to being frustrated and angry about the situation is to sit down and make a plan.  First, brainstorm your menu plan.  What do you want to have for dinner?  Wright down from appetizers to drinks, to main dishes and side dishes.

Then start thinking of who is going to looking at ways to delete items.  If you have a bachelor or bachelorette give them rolls or hot napkins or a beer.  If your family member loves to cook, asked them to bring their two favorite side dishes.  Any items you can cross off your list will make the planning and cost run a little smoother.

The Complete Easter Menu Planner!

Now that you have your guest list and menu take a look at the house. First look at the areas where your guest will be celebrating Easter Dinner, kitchen, living room, dining room, deck.

What areas need attention for a quick pick up, and decorating. Next, if you are having an overnight guest which bedrooms need clean bedding, towels, and an Easter Bunny touch. A small Bunny display and maybe a small filled Easter Basket.

The Complete Easter Menu Planner!

Family That is Out of Town

Will you be mailing any packages? I have two Easter Basket Postal Boxes going out. I got the idea from Laura at Almost Empty Next. She has the most beautiful printables to decorate the 4 flaps of a US Post Office Priority Box. Her Easter Care Package Design Easter Care Package Design was perfect for my 2 who will be away from home this Easter.  Get your Free Download from Laura by going here!

The Compete Easter Menu Planner

Print off the Free Easter Menu Planner, it includes:

  1. A beautiful watercolor floral design dinner menu planning sheet.
  2. A separate shopping worksheet
  3. To-Do List
The Complete Easter Menu Planner!

Planning for having family over for Easter does not have to be stressful or complicated.  Taking a few quiet minutes (if you can find them) and putting all your ideas that are in your head down on paper will get you started on having everything ready ahead of time. So let’s get started making a simple Easter Dinner Plan that will wow your family but still leaves you relaxed to enjoy your special Easter Day with your family.


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The Complete Easter Menu Planner!


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