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Printable Thanksgiving Recipe Cards

Printable Thanksgiving Recipe Cards

Sharing recipes on Thanksgiving Day is a new tradition for our family. I wanted to start a new tradition of sharing the family recipes with all of our guests & to have our family & friends who attend our Thanksgiving Day Dinner.

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Thanksgiving recipes are a treasure of family history that has been passed down from mother to daughter for generations. I want to make sure that the next generation of young women in our family & guests to our home start building their treasure chest of family history.

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I designed these beautiful simple recipe cards to email to our family & friends sharing Thanksgiving Dinner this year. I am asking them to bring the recipe when they bring their dish. I am also encouraging them to bring any other traditional Thanksgiving Recipe that they love and want to share. Recipes they want to pass down to the next generation of mothers.

Printable Thanksgiving Recipe Cards

The next generation of women are starting to establish their homes and the Thanksgiving holiday is a perfect time to talk about the history of recipes and pass them along. There are a lot of new recipes that I want to add to our collections too, so I am asking everyone who brings a dish to provide the recipe.

The history of the recipes is not just about the food but the women who have made the dishes for years.  Where they lived, their families, and why they used the ingredients are special conversations. We live in a world where we can buy or have delivered any spice, ingredients, or fresh food. Our foremothers did not have that opportunity and many of their recipes reflect that they could buy or grow in the location they lived.

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Printable Thanksgiving Recipe Cards

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Let me know if your family enjoyed sharing their recipes and I would love a photo for my Instagram of your family sharing recipes.

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