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Thanksgiving Table Place Cards Free Printable

Thanksgiving Place Card

Thanksgiving Place Cards are a beautiful way to add to your Thanksgiving Table. Place Cards help your guest feel comfortable right away as they know exactly where to sit.

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There are so many dishes, drinks, and items for the Thanksgiving dinner table, this helps your guests know were to set a drink or salad plate, and not worry that someone else will be confused. We use decorative place cards for all our holiday parties.  It is a rare occasion when we have more than one guest over that I do not make special place cards.

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I designed these beautiful Fall Thanksgiving inspired cards so you can have a quick place card to print and fill out for your Thanksgiving Table. A perfect way to welcome guests to the Thanksgiving Dinner Table.

Having a beautiful place card helps your dinner run smoothly. You can place people next to each other who you know will keep a lively conversation. You can place shy persons next to people who will make them feel secure.

Having designated places at the table also helps with older or disabled families. You can make sure that families with canes or walkers are setting where they can get up and down easily.

Traditionally couples were not seated together and people were seated boy/girl/boy/girl. But this is old school. We have always set couples together as we wanted people to enjoy dinner with their partner.

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Grab your copy of the Place Cards, print them off on heavy card stock. You can cut them out by hand or use a paper cutter. You can also use decorative edge scissors for a fancy edge.

You can also make this a craft project for your little ones. You can decorate with stickers and glitter. Let me know how you have used these and I would love a picture to share on Instagram.

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. Thank you so much for these Susan, they’re lovely. The colors are so perfect for this time of the year too.

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