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Spring Declutter One Small Space a Week Worksheets

pink, gray, white towels with blue flowers. Spring Declutter One Small Space a Week Worksheets

We are decluttering this spring, and setting a mindset that we will clean out one small area of the house each week.  We are determined to keep up the progress of eliminating things that we no longer use and are not useful in our life.

We are determined to throw away one thing every time we open a drawer, cupboard or go past a pile of stuff.

Spring Declutter One Small Space a Week Worksheets

These small acts of cleaning up and clearing out will make a huge impact on your home life. My life is too full of love, people, and activity to tackle a room at a time or even a section of a room.  We have made significant progress using this small step approach. 

Spring Declutter One Small Space a Week Worksheets

I try to just take 5-10 minutes for any project, that way I do not get overwhelmed and just give up. Even I can agree with myself that I have 5 minutes. Next, when I enter a room I look for something to throw out, give away or put where it will get used.

Having our church have its spring rummage sale has also helped motivate me to keep up and keep moving. The ladies at church will take any item and I am determined to give them a few things to make them laugh.

Each season I design a Declutter Printable Worksheet for you to make your task of cleaning out more joyful (ok I start designing for me, but I want you to have beautiful printables to keep you organized and fill your day with joy). I want to be able to open a drawer or closet and have found that there is room to spare. As it is now every space our home is filled.

The Download packet will include an instruction sheet and 3 beautiful blank calendars so no matter when you start you have three months to plan. Take some time with a cup of coffee or tea and find the areas you want to start making useful again. Remember just write some areas down. You can reprint these worksheets as many times as you need.  Just start and after a few weeks if you need start over. The key is to take small steps to make big progress. 

Spring Declutter One Small Space a Week Worksheets

I am starting upstairs in our linen closet that has sheets from 30 years ago when we were first married. As I look at some of them you can see right through them they have been washed so much.  I do not know why I keep things like this, it is not as if we do not have newer sheets.  Both parents grew up during the depression and I learned you never know when you may need something. I know I have to overcome this thinking get my life to a place where there is some room to breathe.  

Spring Declutter One Small Space a Week Worksheets

Remember it is called “Spring Cleaning”, so think of making your home clean and clear as Spring. Let me know if you have any tips for getting rid of clutter in your home. I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment with any suggestions

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  1. I am doing a major declutter in a few weeks. As soon as I can get a construction dumpster delivered! 😉 Thanks for joining us on Friday Frenzy! P~

  2. I really like the idea of breaking a project down into manageable bits. That is really the only way I could imagine doing a declutter project. I especially like the idea of going one drawer or cupboard at a time. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I become paralyzed and do nothing. This makes it seem much more do-able. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I am so happy you like them. I have a big struggle with cleaning out it is a work in progress.

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