The Magic Bullet & Dessert Bullet – Great for a Low Calorie Treat

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The Magic Bullet – Dessert Bullet 

The Magic Bullet
nutra bullie dessert maker

I have always been trying to control my weight, however between marriage, building a house giving birth to, and raising three children, I have only been successful in getting to a comfortable weight a few times. Each year older it is getting harder.

The foods that I have loved and remembered as a child are not as agreeable to my system anymore and seem to pack on the pounds.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been one of those people who wants something sweet after dinner. And when I want something sweet I want dessert, cookies, ice cream, chocolate, chocolate cake (are you seeing a theme) anything that brings back the memories of being a child in my family home.

magic bullet dessert bullet cherries on plate

While I have reduced my sugar substantially in the last 10 years, I still have that craving for something sweet after a meal, especially after dinner as the evening hours approach.

For my family ice cream was always a standard. The Dessert Bullet allows me to have that sweet taste the creaminess, the coldness, and taste of ice cream without the fat and calories.

I’ve been using my Dessert Bullet for over a year now and I simply love it. I have never been a big banana eater but with creative combinations and proportional servings of fruits, you can almost eliminate the banana taste from the sweet creamy delicious treats.


magic bullet dessert bullet Dessert Bullet Fruit Dessert

Delicious Flavor Combinations

Banana Cherry Chocolate

One of my favorites go-to is banana cherry chocolate. I have to plan a little as the bananas need to be frozen for at least four hours, and the fruit needs to be frozen also. These days I can buy almost any fruit frozen so I do not have to do all the chopping.

I take a half of a frozen banana chop it up into circles then chop the circles in half. The frozen bananas and cherries need to sit out for about five minutes before they can be used. This allows just enough time to sprinkle a little cocoa powder on top. I sometimes also add a little vanilla or almond extract.

The Desert Bullet instructions suggest you put the extract into the hopper and turn it on for a second or two before adding the fruits.

I then like to do the β€œlayering technique”. I layer a few cubes of bananas and a few cherries then the bananas and cherries until the hopper is full and all my fruit is in the hopper. I then simply press the β€œon” button and out the tip comes a frozen dreamy creamy dessert.

Is it not ice cream, is not sherbet, it is not soft serve, but it is just enough sweetness, coldness, creaminess, and gooeyness to satisfy that need for the high-calorie high fat ice cream in the evening. You know that I only recommend things that I love and the Dessert Bullet is on the top of my list.

Banana – Frozen Mango – Frozen Pineapple

Another one of my go-to favorites is the banana, frozen mango, frozen pineapple combination. And any pre-mixed frozen fruit bag works great depending on the flavors you like.

I always like to put a little Redi-whip topping on the top and sometimes sprinkles mini chocolate chips. I’ve always been a strong believer in making your food look as delicious as it tastes. I always pick my prettiest dishes.

If you are like I am and need something cool and creamy and sweet after your dinner you won’t go wrong by trying the Dessert Bullet by Magic Bullet.

magic bullet dessert bullet. Amazing Fruit Dessert cherry dessert with whip topping


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