One of the skills my mother taught me as a young child was how to cut circles and paper hearts by hand.  All we had for papercrafts was a pair of scissors and a large dangerous looking paper cutter.  I learned how to cut beautiful symmetrical hearts every Valentine’s Day.  

After a lot of practice any toddler, with a pair of safety scissors, can make a pile of hearts to decorate their room, Valentine’s Cards, and letters to grandparents and friends.

Many of the traditional skills can be just as fun and help little ones with hand-eye coordination.  Sit down at the kitchen table alongside your little one and grab your supplies.  

The time spent one on one laughing and creating beautiful crafts is the time you do not want to miss. 

Cutting paper hearts is a simple skill.  It is easy to learn fast and very gratifying to little ones. Crafting together as a family is a fun way to teach and learn. When the holidays are over and all the decorations are down, crafting with beautiful red & pink hearts will brighten up your home.

How to Hand Cut Valentine’s Day Hearts

  1. Take any craft paper and fold it in half.
  2. Starting at the top edge of the fold,  start cutting the top of the heart with a large half-circle.
  3. Turn your cut heading to the bottom corner of the fold
  4. Open and you have a perfect heart.
  5. Repeat to your “heart’s” content.

Along with cutting hearts, you will want to find fun ways to use your hearts that the kids can have fun with.  Try decorating the windows, doors, and refrigerator. The kids will have fun adding them as confetti to cards and letters.  In the supply list is a printable letter form, or in the form below that, you can encourage your kids to write to Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, or neighbors who need a little love.


There are so many people we know that in the colder month of February would love to be remembered. Sharing love and concern is as simple as sending a snail mail note. While letter writing is not that common, writing letters is a personal touch that is welcome even more. Think of the smile on a neighbor’s face or friend at church when they get a personal letter with a cute hand-cut hears from your little ones.  The smile will only be matched by the smiles on your kid’s face when that neighbor gives them a big thank you hug the next time you see them. Let’s spread a little love and kindness this Valentine’s Day with hand made letters and hearts!

Have fun with your family crafting,

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  1. I love that way to cut hearts! I still use it and I’m way beyond childhood. It’s so easy. 🙂

  2. Great idea, especially if you’re kids are making their own Valentine’s! Thanks for sharing on the Family Joy link up party.

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