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Declutter One Small Area A Week: Summer Start

Declutter One Small Area a Week: Summer Start, Rid you home of clutter once & for all with a simple one step a week plan.

You Can Always Start Again

I have to be honest.  I have not been able to declutter one area a week as I started out in January.  But I am not upset about this.  Why, because we have made so much progress from January to now the start of summer.  With a mindset of decluttering one small area a week I started a project, I would never have before. 

Jim and I started to clean up one small area of the basement and three hours later we had a huge section we could not use up and useful.  A shelf and a lot of our pantry basics stored away.  The next day we were so inspired we tackled two workbenches that again were so cluttered they could not be used. Now they are trash free and open for projects.

We have has a lot of activity this spring and start of summer all fun and full of family & friends but I have slipped from my one small area a week.  I have given myself a break as some of our clean up was big enough to cover more than one week. But new is the time to get back in the mindset.

Declutter One Small Area a Week: Summer Start, Rid you home of clutter once & for all with a simple one step a week plan.

I love succulents as they have clean lines and look so pretty.  I decided to create a new printable for the new summer start to get back in the mindset.  We have a garage that is a disaster and if I think of it as a whole it will never change.  So I am going to brainstorm the garage in sections and start this week.

Declutter Free Printable Get Your Copy Here

Now that I am clear on what needs to be done this summer, start again at 1 Step at a Week, I have a beautiful printable to keep myself inspired.

Click Here: or on any picture to have access to The Printable Library: or on any picture to have access to The Printable Library. You can then download and print the Declutter Printable and have access to all of my free printables.

Declutter One Small Area a Week: Summer Start light green chart with succlecent in potLet me know how you are doing with your clutter and if you have any tips.



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  1. I’m pretty good about getting rid of junk and recycling to the thrift store but everyone else thinks they don’t have to clean up or dejunk and house pays for it dearly. I keep the main floor neat and clean and literally have to tell people every single to clean up after themselves!

  2. Decluttering is one of my favorite things to do! I love making areas all clean and organized and free of unnecessary things. Thanks for linking to the Friday Frenzy!

  3. It is a goal this year to declutter my life! I have so much extra stuff and I don’t like how it makes me feel. I felt better seeing your idea of decluttering one area a week. That sounds so attainable!

    1. I have started this year to look in every drawer I open and find one thing that is old or not useful and get rid of it.

  4. Yes. Baby steps are the only way for me to do it! Thanks for sharing this awesome printable at #FridayFrenzy!

  5. Completely agree! Starting small is the key! It is so easy to get overwhelmed when you are in this kind of mindset and you realize how much stuff you actually acquire!

    1. And that is my issue, we have 30 years of stuff to declutter. But I just take it one week at a time one small step.

  6. I agree starting small is the right way to go but the getting started is where my problem comes. lol Thanks for the printouts.

  7. Great printable and inspiration to get busy getting rid of stuff! Sharing on G+Thank you for sharing on Merry Monday! Hope to see ya next week!

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