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USA Patriotic Time Management Time Blocking Worksheet

USA Patriotic Time Management Time Blocking Worksheet red blue pen with usa blocks

Here in the USA, we have three big Summer Holidays, Memorial Day, 4th of July & Labor Day. Picnics, Flags, & Fireworks are traditional activities that are fun for the whole family. But for busy moms like you & me, it is also a time of overwhelm. What we want to get done & what we can practically do in one day are not always the same.

Summer is here and we have tons of parties, graduations, birthday, and kids parties. Save yourself time and frustration by getting the weekly and daily (3 pages) Time Management Worksheet Totally Free!

USA Patriotic Time Management Time Blocking Worksheet red blue pen with USA blocks

Free ! USA Time Management Worksheets

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Designing Time Management Time Blocking Worksheets is how I stay organized all summer long.  I have designed a USA theme worksheet for you (and for me) to help plan out your week and see where the time is for all your dreams.

Start by organizing your whole life one week at a time on Sundays.  Reflect on the week, look at your extensive to-do list, and plan out what is realistic that can get done, and what you want to achieve each week. Starting first with work deadlines, and appointments, then moving to any school activities that I need to deliver kids to or attend. All the appointments or schedules that are out of my control.

I then look at the week, the Time Blocks that are empty, and look at what I want to achieve that week and my dreams and highlight these blocks. I then step back and look at all the time I do have. If I do not set this out on paper, I find myself saying all the time “There just is not enough time”.  But looking at my time blocking worksheets I see there is lots of open time and space if I choose to use it.

Download these beautiful USA Patriotic Worksheets as many times as you want. Check here to receive the Printable Library Password were are the beautiful printable are there for you.

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Supplies Needed:

  • Card Stock
  • Color Printer
  • Color Pens
  • Markers

    How to use Time Management Worksheets

  • Print out the Time Blocking Printable, grab a cup of coffee, and plan out your week.
  • Write everything down no matter small.
  • Start with the appointment and things that are out of your control.  School obligations, doctor appointments, and work if you work outside the home.
  • Now, look at the block of time that is left.
  • Set out three goals you want to get done this year and break them down into small steps.  Actions that can take only 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Take one or two of the block of time for the week and start one small step at a time.
  • Friday is on both sheets as my Friday’s always changing form the workweek to the weekend. If I do not need this space I use it to brainstorm.

Remember only you see how you have set out your week and you can change it or start all over at any time.  Life with kids and a family will always mess up your plans but it is not about sticking to a schedule as seeing the time you can if you want to make for bigger goals in your life.

USA Patriotic Time Management Time Blocking Worksheet red pin USA blocks

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  1. Susan this is great! I’m always making timetables and planners so I can imagine this would be very useful. Thanks for bringing it over to Fiesta Friday this week. Have a great weekend.

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