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17 Best Easy Christmas Holiday Baking Recipes

Christmas it the time for baking. We all want the platters of cookies the beautiful cakes and pastry for parties and the Christmas eve and Christmas day dinners. But with all the items on our plate (pun intended) how can we do it all. Here are 17 easy simple Christmas recipes for you to try this year.

Christmas baking is a fun way to start your kids helping and learning to cook. Cooking is a skill that we all need to learn. Setting aside time this season to bake with your family is not only delicious but a perfect life skills learning experience.

Let’s start baking for Christmas and share all the fun family traditions with the next generation!

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chocolate bark on a Christmas platter with a Santa Christmas mug and a pine limb

Easy Peppermint Bark with Hershey’s Mint Chocolate Candy Canes

Rich dark chocolate peppermint bark topped with creamy white chocolate and sprinkled with crushed Hershey’s chocolate mint candy canes. An easy classic peppermint bark recipe with delicious dark chocolate. The addition of the mint chocolate candy canes makes this recipe irresistible.

5 chocolate cupcakes with Christmas sprinlkes and frosting.

Easy Chocolate Coffee Cupcake Recipe

Delicious Christmas chocolate coffee flavored cupcakes. Super easy to bake with a few tips for a box mix cake mix.

5 tree spritz cookies 15 snowflake cookies on a white plate and a cookie cooling rack.

Easy Christmas Spritz Cookies

A soft butter cookie that you use a Cookie Press. I have found that the ones that plug are better than the battery operated ones.

6 snowball cookies on a red plate with red and red striped ribbon and 3 mini Christmas bows

Easy Snowball Cookies with Pecans

Snowball cookies are soft, and buttery, melt in your mouth, covered with powdered sugar, and a hint of crunch from the chopped pecans. A traditional Christmas cookie made each year during holiday baking.

7 cookies on Christmas plates on a striped towel and 3 candy canes

Easy Grinch Crinkle Cookies Decorated with Sprinkles

Start making Grinch Crinkle Cookies decorated with sprinkles and these soft chewy Grinch-y green cookies will become a family Christmas Baking tradition. Have this sweet cookie treat ready when you gather the family for a Grinch movie night.

6 rice krispie treeaon a white table one tree, 2 snowflakes and two Santa with sprinkes on the top and on the table

Grinch Rice Krispies Treats with Cookie Cutters

Simple 3 ingredients homemade Rice Krispies Treats with cookie cutters to make the How the Grinch Stole Christmas Design. A Grinch movie theme recipe with the classic flavor, cute Christmas sprinkles, and the classic green color. Sprinkles with green, and pink, hearts, trees, and snowflakes match the cookie cutter shapes of Santa, Christmas Trees, and Snow Fakes. Your kids will love these when they watch our favorite Grinch movie

17 cookies on a platter  with a red striped towel on a white table

Ginger Molasses Christmas Cookies

Soft in the middle with a little crunch on the outside Ginger Molasses Cookies have that delicious gingerbread flavor perfect for Christmas cookie baking. Dip them in white chocolate and sprinkle on the sprinkles for that wow factor.

one slice of pecan pie on a white plate topped with whip cream and a fork on the white table

Easy Pecan Pie with Dark Karo Syrup

An easy Pecan Pie with dark Karo syrup is the perfect combination for sweet and salty pie perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas. A traditional holiday pie in many homes and one that can be made with the kid’s help.  This recipe was inspired by the recipe from Karo Syrup and Sallys Baking Addiction

4 smores cupcakes on a white table with 3 graham crackers and 2 chocolate squares

Easy S’mores Cupcakes

I love all the recipes for S’mores Cupcakes, but with little ones who have time from scratch. This recipe is quick & easy with two types of frosting.  I used my favorite marshmallow fluff, delicious and looked great but did not hold up. I have included a Marshmallow

a chocolate frosted yule log on a tray with a Christmas bulb all covered with powdered sugar.

Christmas Yule Log Chocolate Cake Recipe

Jelly Rolled Chocolate Cake with Butter Cream Frosting and Whipped Cream Filling

6 sugar cookies on a baking cooling rack

The Best Easy Christmas Cut Out Cookie Recipe

A light vanilla butter cookie perfect to use for any roll & cut out cookie.  Our family has used this recipe from the late ’50s from our Church Cookbook. Special Thanks to Mrs. Mildred Hubach from the Church in Aurora

9 cookies on a green dish with a tea pot in the background

Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodle Cookies

This super easy snickerdoodle cookie recipe is the best and most fun to make. Add pumpkin spice and you have the perfect fall cookie. Soft, chewy, and buttery cinnamon sugar cookie all the classic flavors. The perfect cookie to make with your kids to start them learning to bake.

6 stacked pizzelle cookies on a Christmas plate with some cookies in the background on another plate

Chocolate Pizzelle Cookie Recipe

A classic chocolate pizzelle cookie recipe is a traditional Italian Christmas cookie that is a crisp thin chocolate cookie that is made in a pizzelle press or pizzelle cookie iron. An easy cookie dough recipe made of eggs, butter, sugar, and flower. Traditionally made with anise flavoring but are do delicious with vanilla and chocolate. 

4 brownies on a white plate with a pint mason jar of milk with a straw and brownies in the back ground

Easy Mint Buttercream Frosted Brownies Topped with Chocolate

Best Mint Frosted Brownie recipe made easy and baked to fudge a double layer of min frosting and chocolate ganache. When regular brownies are just not over the top enough.  Perfect for a birthday party, family dinner, or friends party. The thin layer of melted chocolate makes the wow factor.

8 peanut butter kiss cookies on a white counter with red green and white sprinkles

Peanut Butter Kiss Blossom Cookie Recipe

Hershey’s® Peanut Butter Kiss Blossom Cookies have been a tradition for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our family has always baked soft warm peanut butter cookies that my kids love.  However, having the Hershey’s kiss on the top adds a holiday touch to a kid’s favorite.  Ok, my favorite too. 🤫 These cookies are perfect year-round and have become

a whole plate of buckeye cookies on a white plate on a white table with 12 real buckeye nuts on the table

Easy Buckeye Cookies – Chocolate covered Peanut Butter Balls

Super simple no bake holiday candy. Smooth and creamy on the inside, with a rich dark chocolate coating on the outside. Delicious for Christmas or an Ohio State football game (the Buckeyes)

a chocolate pudding pie with piles of whip cream piped on top with chocolate shavings on a white table.

No Bake Chocolate Pudding Pie

A very simple family dessert that can be made for any holiday, Thanksgiving or Christmas or just a fun weekend dessert.

The Pie needs to be made the day before you want to serve it. 

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